Greece Part 6: Sphakteria and Bay of Navarino Boat Trip

After staying in the little town of Mystras, we headed to Pylos, another town on the sea. We stayed in another hotel there, and on the first night we went out for a nice meal at a restaurant on the harbour, but it poured down with rain so we had to sit under a canopy, although it still dripped on us!! Then the next evening we were treated to a boat trip into the Bay of Navarino to the island of Sphakteria. An ancient battle and a ‘modern’ one were fought there so we had a talk about those on the island. Some of my favourite photos from the trip were taken on this boat trip so I’m just going to whack them all in this post in one go!!
IMG_4900 - Copy
Then finally for this post, some quick photos of the hotel on the last night of our trip, in Olympia. This hotel was amaaaazing!! We got massive rooms with a bigger balcony, plus it had lovely views and an amazing pool and restaurant. And nothing can beat the breakfast there…seriously there was everything including crepes with nutella, cake, omelettes, sausages (of a few different varieties), fresh fruit…I could go on!! So basically we tried to eat as much as possible then so our lunches would be cheaper!! Also we had our last two evening meals in the hotel paid for by the tutors which were both 3 courses and very yummy =) So we pretty much loved our last couple of days!! So here’s the restaurant and the view from the pool:
Only one more post from Greece to go, and that’s our last day including Olympia and the leaving dinner pictures =)
And an update on me as usual: I haven’t done any outfit photos in like forever. I really loved my outfit yesterday and wanted to do photos of it, but I was lazy during the day; it was Ben’s birthday but he was poorly and got sent home from work =( But at least it meant that I got to see him!! Then in the evening I had a lecture, and I decided to go in my new shoes (hint: see Charlotte’s blog to see the exact same ones, yes I copied her!!) which are wedges, then walking back it started to rain a bit…then a lot. Yeh, basically I got completely soaked even though Ben picked me up half way back. Like literally soaked through a coat, a jacket and a long sleeved top, right down to my skin. Basically it was awful and I couldn’t take photos because I looked ridiculous. Then I got Ben’s illness so I’ve been feeling poorly today =( Yucks. But I’m feeling a bit better now, and I’ve spent most of the day catching up on my work, but I have that much I’m still not caught up, it’s not very fun…and some recalled the books I’ve just taken out of the library so I have to read them really quickly now. And this evening we’ve had Ben’s sister round for a tea of Fisherman’s Stew, it was very yummy and I took photos so they may be up tomorrow =D


  1. October 18, 2011 / 7:40 pm

    That shot of the pool, with the entire horizon in red… so pretty! What a beautiful view! Again, really awesome pictures, and so happy to hear you had a really wicked time to the end.

  2. October 18, 2011 / 8:08 pm

    It looks like you’ve had so much fun. I love the Greek landscape… it was always a place that I feel so calm and happy! Your pictures are gorgeous!!!
    Amy xxx

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