Month In Photos

So a lot of bloggers tend to do a Week In Photos using Instagram on their phones. Unfortunately I don’t have a phone that has Instagram, so I don’t really take that many photos on a weekly basis except for outfit photos and special occasions, so I decided to save some up for a time when I’ve been too lazy to do an outfit post, so here is my month in photos:
These are all in the Primark changing room! Which do you like best? (By the way, this is a test, I bought one pair!! Although I could very easily have bought another if I didn’t want to spend more money!!)
Out for a meal with my family, including grandparents and my great aunt from Canada. And the last photo is just before going out for Ben’s birthday the night before. I’m bending down and my aunty is stood on her tiptoes haha!!
Day out in Malton (I may have just given away which jeans I bought! Sshhh!!)
My mum took part in a nationwide Tap-a-thon. Across the country dance schools did the same dance all at the same time for 10 minutes to try and break the world record. My mum is in there somewhere, spot her if you can! (Hint: she looks like me!!)
Walk on the Moors, Lottie is so photogenic haha!!
Yummy seafood stew we made the other night when Ben’s sister came round for tea!
By the way, this is a scheduled post (wooo I’m in the future again!) because this weekend if all goes to plan I should be in the Peak District with Charley and Frankie (and of course Ben!) on a double dating weekend of fun!! We’re going to Alton Towers on Sunday for the Halloween Scarefest, and on Saturday we’re hoping to go to a National Trust type place then out for a pub meal in the evening. So we’re travelling down there on Friday (which will be today to those of you reading it!!) so I’m pretty certain I won’t have a chance to post over the weekend, so I’ve scheduled a few random posts. I’m so so excited though, we did a trip there last Easter and it was awesome!! Unfortunately Charley’s car, Maggie, which was the best road trip car ever, died last year so Ben’s driving us this year. I’ve made an Alton Towers playlist and everything, we had the music from the advert (you know the dun dun dun dun dun dun dun one….okay, the In the Hall of the Mountain King one) playing on volume last year as we drove in with the windows down and we were just so cool, playing classical music at full volume as we drove into a theme park, yes, go us!! Anyway, enough rambling, and I’m sure I’ll be back soon with lots of photos =D




  1. October 28, 2011 / 3:54 pm

    Beautiful photos, hope you have a good weekend! x

  2. October 29, 2011 / 10:53 am

    I love all these trousers, but I think the middle pair are my favourite… Those are the ones you got, right?! hehe.
    Your pictures are pretty. I’ve never been to Malton, and now I want to!
    Your weekend sounds like it’ll be really fun. I’m jealous! looking forward to hearing about it! xx

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