I disappeared over the weekend again…sorry!! But I had a bit of a disaster on Thursday evening that made me want a little break…we had someone break into our flat while we were in…we were actually in the next room. Fortunately (or unfortunately, not sure?!) we didn’t hear them, otherwise I would have been utterly terrified, but they managed to take my phone and charger and leave muddy footprints on our bed. We’re not sure how it happened because our window was on the latch (which is one of those secure ones) but they got in anyway from the graveyard wall and climbed over our bed to where my phone was charging and took it. It wasn’t until just after 10pm we noticed (and Ben had actually got in the bed, clearly he doesn’t pay much attention to how clean a bed is before he gets in it!!). I first noticed the mud in the bed, then pulled back the curtain to discover a muddy footprint on the window sill. I then turned around and noticed my phone was gone.
So obviously the first thing I did was cry, because that’s just what I do. I went a bit shaky too because of the fact that we must have been in the house while someone else was, and that’s just quite scary really. I wasn’t too bothered about the fact that the phone was gone, it was more that someone had been in and we were only a door away from them…It could even have been before Ben got home from work and I was alone in the flat, I mean I’m hardly going to be able to defend myself against an intruder am I?! So the police came round that night and took statements, then the forensics came round in the morning, and we went home for the weekend after that. But anyway, we’re back up here now, and I was a little scared at first and checked everywhere when I walked in, but I don’t think it’s likely they’ll come back, but we’re keeping the windows properly closed of any room we’re not in from now on. I was a bit shaken up by it, but I’m okay now =)
So now that we’ve got another Sian dilemma out the way (told you, everything happens to me!!), onto the outfit! I was sent this top to review by Mina UK; it was a brand I’d never heard of before but I now absolutely love. I was also sent another item that I adore, seriously, new favourite piece of clothing, but that one will be coming soon!! This top though is lovely. I picked it out because I don’t have enough tops and thought I should get more. It’s not the type of thing I’d usually choose and it’s quite unusual in its colour, and quite difficult to style in its shape, but I love the daintiness of it, and I really like the colour. The combination of jacket and top just came together randomly because I forgot to take a cardigan home and remembered I’d left this jacket there, so travelling back up to Newcastle I needed another layer to keep me warm (this is all under a coat by the way!) and I threw this on, luckily it worked amazingly!! I want to work out some more ways to wear this top before it gets too cold for it, otherwise it won’t be seen again till Spring! It’s so pretty and delicate, but I think it’ll work best in Spring, so I’m very excited to wear it then =)
Jacket: Forever21
Top: Mina UK
Jeans: New Look
Boots: George at ASDA
I’ll be back soon with another outfit hopefully =) I’ve got a busy day tomorrow with a 9am-6pm day at uni, so I’m planning on a lot of library time in between lectures and I though I might go swimming at some point too! Apparently this thing called exercise is good for you, and, well, I don’t really do it and I should, so swimming will happen!!


  1. November 21, 2011 / 7:46 pm

    Oh my god, Sian, that’s so scary!
    I’m glad you’re okay though!
    This top is super-cute, you’ve styled it really well for autumn :]]

    Charlotte x

  2. November 21, 2011 / 8:45 pm

    I’m really sorry to hear about the break-in – it happened to me too and it’s horrible knowing someone else violated your personal space… Oh well, at least they didn’t take those fantastic boots you’re wearing 😀

    Cat xxx

  3. charley
    November 21, 2011 / 10:35 pm

    Sianio you look beeeautiful in this 🙂 xxx

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