Patterns In Life

I’ve started to notice a trend in my autumn/winter outfits which I’ve continued today, want a hint at what it is, take a look at the other posts where I seem to have done it here, here, here and here. That has to be a pattern right when this is the 5th time I’ve done it in like a month?! So have you worked it out from those posts?? I appear to be throwing on jumpers over my skirts and dresses a lot nowadays instead of wearing a top with a cardigan. I seem to have gone off cardigans a bit recently – I think because a lot of mine are old and have lost their shape, and I’ve just worn them over and over, so apparently I’m trying something different in wearing lots of jumpers instead. Unfortunately I don’t have many so I’m going to be repeating a few soon haha!!
This outfit reminds me of something Rebecca of The Clothes Horse would wear – I think it’s because of the wedge ankle boots (I’m pretty sure she has some similar) and the jumper with the dress, even though I can’t think of an outfit in particular that’s inspired this!! At the moment I’m loving more full skirted dresses, sort of a shorter 50s style I suppose, and I can’t help looking at that style on websites!! But I have too many dresses as it is!! This dress is from Matalan’s summer collection and I bought it just before I went to Spain at Easter, so this is the first time I’ve attempted to wear it for anything other than warm weather, and I think it worked quite well. It’s a halterneck which was a little annoying with the jumper, so I ended up just tying it behind my back; the top is corset style with boning in it anyway so it stays up just fine.
I managed to squeeze in a little time to paint my nails today, yay!! Not sur
e if you can see in the photos, but it’s a lovely deep red/burgundy kind of colour, and it was free yaaayy!! It’s a nails inc. nail varnish and came free with Glamour. I pretty much just bought it for the nail varnish haha, although I do love Glamour =) But I picked this out of the 4 colours because it seemed a really autumnal colour like my new burgundy jeans, and I thought it would work with a lot of what I’ve been wearing at the moment.
Scarf: Republic (Christmas present from parents)
Jumper: H&M
Dress (worn as a skirt): Matalan
Black Woollen Tights: New Look
Wedge Ankle Boots: New Look
And yet again I’m super busy with work (will this ever end?!), so I’d better stop rambling and get away from the world of the internet. I’ve been on a bit of a roll with getting my outfits photographed and posted recently, so let’s hope it carries on like this and I can carry on fitting it all in =)



  1. November 23, 2011 / 4:38 pm

    I really like the jumper 🙂 especially with the florals. I’m the opposite than you… all of my jumpers have kind of disappeared! I love the wedge boot, I have some similar to this too! I’m glad you’re on a roll! xxx

  2. November 23, 2011 / 9:19 pm

    Your nails turned out beautifully. It’s such a lovely hue. I’ve been feeling the same way about my cardigans and have been trying to thrift some new ones… the only problem… so is everyone else and it’s been slim picking. Anyway, I love all of this color. You look absolutely radiant.

  3. November 26, 2011 / 11:31 am

    I love these kinds of outfits, the more wintery hues and than a pop of springlike color! And I love me some florals too so it’s perfect for me! 🙂 Great scarf and nails too!

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