Winter Florals


Very quick post because I need to be setting off back into uni in 15 mins, so I need to type quickly then get all my books together..eeps!! Yeh, so the swimming I mentioned yesterday didn’t exactly happen, maybe another day. I had an awful night’s sleep, I swear like a bomb or something went off because at 3.44am I was still laying there wide awake and there was a massive boom, kind of like a gun shot but louder…it was really weird, but Ben didn’t wake up or anything…maybe I’m going crazy haha!! But anyway, after I had eventually got to sleep, I woke up feeling really achy, that sometimes happens when I’ve slept badly (worse than usual anyway because pretty much every night is bad for me with my crazy insomnia-ness), I think it’s because I toss and turn haha.

I thought I’d lost this jumper from Motel but found it stuffed in the back of my wardrobe, I wonder what else could be back there?! I end up losing things because all I have is a wardrobe, and I’m used to having drawers and a separate rail for hangy up things at home, so I can never find anything and forget I have things for ages!! Also, funny story about these tights, when I wore them to my grandparents’ house once my grandad thought I had a really weird fake tan, then when he realised they were tights he laughed at me and told me they were weird haha!! Thanks Grandad!!
Jumper: c/o Motel
Dress (worn as a skirt): Forever21
Tights: New Look
Boots: George at ASDA
Yay me for managing to get such a quick outfit post done!! I promise I will get replying to comments etc soon but first I’ve got to get a load of work out the way!! I’ll be back soon =)



  1. November 22, 2011 / 6:59 pm

    your sweater is gorgeous. Red is certainly your color.

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