ghd air

ghd air

I’ve been having difficulties this year trying to decide upon a Christmas present that my parents could get me; usually I get a sort of ‘main’ present from them and several smaller ones along the lines of chocolates and books. All I’ve seemed to need (ok, want!) this year is things like clothes, and they don’t really like to buy me clothes, saying that they don’t know what to get me. So when I came across this product I realised it would be a perfect Christmas present!
The ghd air hairdryer is perfect for helping frizzy hair, like my ends which have been bleached, using advanced ionic technology to smoothen it, creating a sleeker, shinier look. It’s just what you need for the Christmas party season, when you’re in a rush to get out the house but you want glamorous hair quickly, the ghd air can give you fabulous salon results within minutes, whether it’s that sleek, shiny look you crave or the glamorous volume of the catwalk.
Retailing at only £99 for a product that can do what you’d either pay a salon for, or several styling products, it’s a perfect present for someone like me, who’s too lazy to spend a long time with multiple products on their hair, but still wants to get that professional celebrity style look.

Disclaimer: this post is in association with ghd.


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