My Year in Outfits #1

This is a very popular feature around bloggers at this time of year, and since I’ve now had a successful full year of outfit posting, I decided it would be nice to do my own version of it! It’ll be really interesting to see how my style and style choices have evolved, and I think it’s also going to be interesting to look at my photography too!! I’m planning on splitting this post into three and scheduling them. I’m heading down to the Peak District for a few days over New Year (setting off at 10pm tonight!) with some friends, so will probably be unavailable internet-wise.
But before I finish this little introduction, I just had to tell you: we managed to acquire a new kitten today!! I think I’ve mentioned before my dad has a bakery business – well, in the yard at the back we often have feral cats, but this kitten had been running around for a couple of weeks getting thinner and thinner. So today my dad decided she needed to come home, and came home around lunchtime with the teeniest little kitten!! She’s really skinny and a little poorly, but so beautiful. We took her to the vets where they confirmed her girl status, told us she’s around 6 weeks old and has cat flu. We’ve got her in a little room at the moment recuperating, and hopefully by Tuesday she’ll be well enough for a return visit to the vets. They need to check she has no infectious diseases or anything but because she’s so small they can’t do the tests yet, but if she has anything too bad, we may not be able to keep her because our other cat could catch something or she might have to be put to sleep, that’s if she even survives past the weekend. But she’s eaten a whole plate of food and purrs when you stroke her, so I have hope for her. I’ll report back on her next week sometime, let you know how she is and hopefully post some pictures of her – so please pray for her!!
And without further ado, my year in outfits!! I’m posting only some favourites, so I hope you like them!!


Mars Delight: This outfit was actually an inspiration for several of my autumn/winter outfits during the last couple of months with the jumper over the dress. I loved the addition of the belt too.
127 Hours: This skirt was borrowed from Charlotte and I adored it!! I loved spinning in it =)
30 for 30
Day 2/30: This was part of the 30 for 30 challenge and my first attempt at layering this top (one of many ways now: see here) and I loved the red tights with the outfit. I had several compliments on them that day!

Day 7/30: I was feeling a little down and ill on this day, so I put on a lace leotard, tutu skirt and wedges: a little fancy but definitely made me feel so much better!

Day 22/30: Lots of pink and red hues going on here, but I loved the outfit. It was smart but still comfortable.

Why yes, that girl with no tights was me!: As the title suggests, this was the first day of the year I managed to go without tights. I also loved the print mixing here, a little bit bolder than I’d usually go.
Daisy Daisy: This dress has got to be one of my favourite items of clothing I own, and I’ve managed to re-wear it this year remixed so many times. The bright cardigan with it was so perfect for early Spring – I matched the daffodils!!
Film Inspiration #2: I did a little series of outfits inspired by films, and this was inspired by the Secret Garden. I remember this was my first outfit in the Chictopia Style Gallery and I was super excited!! This is still my go-to way to style this maxi skirt.
Espana Take 2: This outfit just screams me: the floral 50s style prom dress, pretty cardigan and wedges. I’d really love to dress like this all the time but weather does not permit me!! 
Elegance: I bought this skirt in a charity shop thinking I would chop it up a little, but when I wore it with this outfit, I actually ended up liking it a little! Just one of my tentative advances into maxi skirts!
Come back tomorrow for another instalment of My Year In Outfits! Happy New Year everyone!!




  1. December 30, 2011 / 9:38 pm

    I love the maxi skirt outfit, it’s effortlessly elegant and makes your legs look so long! Wishing you a happy new year and hope your little kitten is ok!

  2. December 31, 2011 / 1:50 am

    I love the first outfit and the big, pink bow! 🙂 I, too, am doing a similar post! lol

  3. January 6, 2012 / 7:13 pm

    Some of those photos are making me miss warm weather. I really loved your Secret Garden shots 🙂

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