My Year in Outfits #2

This is the second instalment of My Year In Outfits, see the first part here!


Jumping On The Bandwagon: This was my first attempt at colour blocking and I really liked the combination of red and blue: I’ve used this combination several times over the year, I love the statement it makes.
Vintage Fair No. 2: This blouse pops up a lot on my blog, but it was only a 99p eBay purchase! I loved the small vintage heels with the high waisted shorts – a modern day retro look!!
Charity Shop Challenge: I had to include this one! Every piece of this outfit is from a Charity Shop and it was under £15, and earned me the title of winner!! Also a bit of colour blocking going on here.
Finally Finished: This wasn’t a very ‘me’ outfit, but I loved it anyway! The brogues with the denim shorts and tights worked really well, despite it not being my usual girly look.
Father’s Day: Love this dress, love these socks, love these shoes. Socks and shoes are a favourite of mine but seem to only work with certain outfits for me, this was one of them!
Florida’s Space Coast: Obviously we were in Florida here! This skirt was one of my Forever 21 purchases and I love the simplicity of this.
True Love Stories Never End: This was the outfit I wore Ben and my 3 year anniversary. The dress is another Forever 21 purchase and one of my favourites, and it’s a typical me outfit. And here is where my outfits with the Canon Rebel T3 begin =)
Flower Child: Adore this vintage dress, the length is slightly longer than I would previously have worn, but I really started getting into longer lengths after this.
Christening: This was a dressy outfit for my cousin’s Christening – the dress and shoes were both new and impulse buys, but I love the length and style of the dress, I can’t wait to wear it next summer!
Tough Girl: Yet another Forever 21 purchase this top. A simple combination with the skirt, but I loved the loose top and tight skirt.
Rust and Polka Dots: That top again! I love remixing it, and I thought it worked well with these shorts – I seem to like mixing denim shorts and brogues, will have to try more options with my brogues next year!
My shoes ended up in a heather bush again: I adore doing shoots on the Moors, and these came out really well. I seemed to like rust colours in August, and this midi skirt was new from Primark.
Come back tomorrow for the third and final part of My Year In Outfits!



  1. January 6, 2012 / 7:39 pm

    Those two longer-lengthed dresses look amazing on you. It helps you’ve got miles of legs though :p

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