Ben and I decided to walk the dog at a place called Keldy that’s pretty near where we live. I’ve actually posted about us going there a few times before (see here) and it’s a really lovely place in the woods. In fact it’s where Beth and I did our ‘photoshoot’ pictures this summer!! We were there just before sunset so there was an amazing light, but unfortunately, my camera is all boxed up ready to be sent off for repairs on Monday! I’m still not sure what’s happening about it because we don’t have the actual receipt but hopefully it’ll be fine =/ I’m just so sad to be without it. So these photos are taken on Ben’s camera, and taken a little too much into the sunlight so they’re dark and grainy, but nevermind.
I went shopping with my sister in York on Friday which was a lot of fun – I didn’t buy much in the end: only some cheap underwear in La Senza because it’s closing, some DVDs and two Lipfinity lip stains by Max Factor in Coral Red and Pink (I already had one in red by GOSH but I wanted more because I love that one!). Then yesterday I went to Monks Cross (which is a small shopping park just outside York) where I bought a dress (that’s too big now I’ve tried it on, I might ask my grandma to fix it!) and a lace top from T K Maxx and some Leigh jeans from Topshop because practically everyone in the world recommended them to me!! Unfortunately I think I bought some that are slightly too big =( I got a size 28 (which I believe is a UK 10) and although they fit my legs absolutely perfectly, I only realised when I wore them later that they gape at the back and fall down a little; I think my mum is going to shrink them for me haha because I’ve worn them now and can’t take them back!
Coat: Roxy (skiing jacket – I was cold!)
Jumper: c/o Motel Rocks
Top (underneath): Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Walking Boots!
This is a pretty plain outfit for, jumper and jeans!! But I was literally just going for a walk, and I didn’t bring home any tops that would go well with jeans because I didn’t really expect to wear jeans much over Christmas! We went out for tea last night and I wore these jeans with the lace top I got yesterday too, with a pair of my new shoes from Office – unfortunately even though we’d booked a table at 8pm, the people who were at our table before our booking must have been late getting there, then proceeded to talk for a while after finishing their meal, so we were told we’d only have to wait 10 minutes, then after we’d waited 45 minutes they decided they did want desserts after all!! So we ended up crammed on a small table until another table had left. It’s one of my favourite restaurants, but they’re always so busy that unless you book you have to wait a long time or not get a table. It was just our luck that we had to wait even though we booked!! Anyway, I think I’m going to go up to Newcastle either tomorrow or Wednesday (or both!) just for the day to get some work done in the library and get some more books out, then Ben’s taking me out for tea at an amaaazing pub on Wednesday for our 3 and a half year anniversary haha!!


  1. January 15, 2012 / 7:51 pm

    I always do that with jeans too: they seem to fit when I buy them, but once I wear them, they seem to just get bigger!! I think I need to start buying a size down or two just in case they stretch, which seems to be the case for jeans and I.

    I’m sorry about your camera!! However, these pictures are still lovely despite it. 🙂

    xo Michelle

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