My Year In Outfits #3

Phoenix: Before this post I’d spent 3 weeks on the most amazing trip of my life to Greece, and this was my return. This dress got a few wears in Greece, and I discovered I loved it with over the knee socks in this outfit.

Crystals and Crumpets: This was an amazing day where I met my bloggy BFF Charlotte and just had a pretty awesome time, so how could it not be a favourite outfit?! Especially when it includes that favourite dress again!
21st Birthday Meal: I was desperate to break out my autumn clothes at the end of September, but the weather was so hot!! My birthday was the 29th and it was the hottest day ever, we spent it on the beach! But this was the start of my love affair with burnt autumn leaf colours.
New Things: This was my new autumn coat and the shoes I got from my parents for my birthday. I adore the shape of this coat and I think it dresses up any outfit a little. Oh and note the pink hair!!
When Things Go Right: When I discovered how to use my camera properly!! I love the combo of the sheer blouse and the cord skirt. Plus the wedges are amazing!!
Double Bows: This was a cheap impulse buy from T K Maxx but I love the dress, the shape is perfect and very me.
Helicopter Heroes: That dress again! With an old trusty mustard jumper and autumn coloured tights, loved loved loved this outfit.
Week of Giving: Another favourite outfit of all time, but weirdly it includes jeans!! I love all these autumnal colours and the layering.
Patterns In Life: This was inspired by the first outfit in the My Year In Outfits posts. I layering jumpers over dresses at the moment, in fact at the moment I’m wearing one now!!
Thankful to Mina: My perfect dress: velvet, pretty and a lovely new longer length.
Wear It Backwards: A new way to wear all my cardigans, backwards!! I’m gonna try this out again in the New Year.
Frost: Oh look, that dress again!! And a jumper layered over it, surprise surprise!! A very typical me outfit for this time of year.
Christmas Day: And finally, my Christmas day outfit – a lovely lace dress at a longer length and my favourite shoes ever.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my Year In Outfits, now I have to go because we need to set off to the Peak District and Ben will kill me any minute now!! So Happy New Year!!



  1. January 1, 2012 / 1:58 pm

    Yay I got a mention! I love that daisy print dress so much. I think this last post is my favourite- your style has evolved so much!

    Charlotte x

  2. January 6, 2012 / 8:06 pm

    I really love the outfit with the red jeans, and the daisy-dress with the mustard jumper. Your outfits are always so consistently awesome, love your style.

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