What To Wear For A Valentine’s Date #2: Cinema

This is another little series I’ve decided to do after taking these photos for my uni’s newspaper and wanted to use the extras!! There will be four different types of outfits altogether as inspiration for what to wear on Valentine’s! But if you’re single, feel free to wear them anytime, because I would!!
You can see Part 1 of the series here.
So here’s part two of what to wear for a Valentine’s Date, and this is a slightly more dressed up look than the last: it’s girly, flirty and fun, and I designed this one for something like a nice meal and going to the cinema. You may not want to look overdressed, so this is perfect for a fun but still slightly casual look, with colours and small heels.
And now I’m turning this into a regular outfit post! I’m writing this on Wednesday, to be posted on Friday, and you guys, I have a confession to make…I went shopping!! Although if I managed to get an outfit post done yesterday you’ll already know this because it will be that entire outfit I bought today!! But I have an interview for Newcastle Fashion Week work experience and I needed to look good!!
Anyway, this dress is another of the items I managed to grab in the Modcloth Cabin Fever sale. I got two dresses, but I had another one in my basket that was a certain and went out of stock just before I was about to pay. But I love this one – I don’t think you can tell from the photos (awful quality yet again, see below for angriness at Canon) but it has a mesh faux Peter Pan collar which is really cute. I love the floral print and the fact that it goes with pink, purple, orange and red – so many remix options!!
Dress: Modcloth (Cabin Fever sale)
Tights: New Look
Shoes: Charity Shop
So, about Canon. As you will all know from my massive rants, my camera, my baby, broke on Christmas Day. I wasn’t sure it actually was broken at first and tried to use it for a few more days, but it got worse and worse. Eventually I contacted Canon who asked me to send it to a repair shop. I did this, then a week later I was presented with an invoice for £162, despite the camera being only 5 months old, and they didn’t tell me what was actually wrong anyway. The problem is that I bought the camera in the US and brought it back to the UK, and despite Canon being an international company, they won’t cover fixing it in the UK. I sent an email to them asking what I could do and they asked me for more details and said they would reply in 3-4 days. Well, 2 and a half weeks later I still have no reply, and I’ve sent more emails too. So today I phoned up Canon, spent 20 minutes trying to get my situation across to them (they just didn’t seem to understand the problem and at one point tried to give me contact details for the place where my camera is currently sat, lonely and waiting to be fixed, so they could give me a quote….which I already have and do not want to pay seeing as it is only 5 months old). Anyway, he finally realised what I was saying and wanted me to phone Canon US, so there I was worrying about how much that would cost me, when he said there might be another option. He did not tell me this option, but said they would phone me back – hopefully I’ll have heard from them by the time this post goes live… But at least I now know it’s a fault with the CCD and after researching the internet, it seems this was a common fault with Canon cameras a few years back and they fixed them all for free…so let’s keep fingers crossed for that. Even if I do have to send it to the US, it’ll be less than £162 to fix it, plus I had to pay shipping to get it there already!! It’s just making me more and more angry by the day – I have now been camera-less for nearly 2 months, I didn’t pay good money to Canon for my camera to break within a few months, then to not be able to use it for so long and on top of all that they want me to pay almost half of what it cost to buy to fix a problem that seems to be a common fault.
Anyway, rant over. I hope you like this outfit, and that’s about it!



  1. February 11, 2012 / 12:32 am

    I hope Canon sorts things out for you soon! I love this dress. It is really lovely and definitely presents lots of opportunity for remixing. I hope your interview went well yesterday! 🙂

  2. February 13, 2012 / 8:36 pm

    I think the outfit is lovely, and it’s a great dress. Again, major bummer about your camera though 🙁

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