Crazy Lady

I’m having a really crazy time right now – everything always happens at once, doesn’t it?! But it’s all pretty good things, don’t panic, and some amazing things!! Of course, you all know about my work right now, dissertation, essays and exams, then yesterday I spent the morning having my fiddled around with with my soon-to-be aunty and her other bridesmaids, her sister and my sister, and we decided on some hair styles for the wedding, rushed home for lunch, then hurried off to Middlesbrough for bridesmaid dress fittings. Then I spent the evening with a couple of home friends doing what we do best – talking and eating and drinking tea (amazing tea by the way!!). Then I arrived home to be bombarded by messages from Charlotte – I’m totally giving it away, but never mind, we’re going to Aintree Ladies’ Day on Friday as guests of Matalan!!! I’m SO super excited, but it means all my focus has gone onto that haha, planning what to wear etc!! I think I have my outfit finalised now, but the hat could change yet =D I’m not only really excited to be there, but also to see Charlotte again before she goes back to America! I’ve also had a phone call from the school telling me I’ll be having an interview soon, and had a couple of exciting emails about other people I might be working with soon, so everything is crazy busy!!
Hair Clip: Christmas Present
Cardigan: George at ASDA
Dress: Matalan
Flatforms: New Look
Lipstick: MAC Vegas Volt
Sorry about the blurry pictures – blame Ben, he didn’t want to be outside haha =D Anyway, coincidentally this dress is from Matalan last year but I haven’t yet had a chance to wear it on here! It is actually strapless but I’m not sure if you can tell in the photos – usually I don’t get too well with strapless dresses, but this one is very secure and I love the retro style of the top part. Plus, it has pockets!! Oh and my lipstick is new – my first MAC one, I’ll probably review it soon!! It was a gift from my parents from Austria for looking after the house and I love it, they picked the perfect shade for me, it’s corally and sometimes I think it’s more pink than red, sometimes more red than pink!!
This outfit is from Sunday, so only a few days old now!! I wore it for William’s 1st birthday party – I sort of went for fun Spring like outfit in blue because I wanted to match the little hat, can you see it?! It was actually a Christmas present from Noo (his mother) and William, so I decided I needed to wear it!! It wasn’t exactly the best dress to wear for it considering he pulled it down at one point in front of Ben’s family!! Never mind!!
Anyway, back to the work again now I think if I’m taking Friday off now too!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about it, I will literally have my camera glued to my face, I cannot wait!! It’s going to be an early start (train at 6.53am it’s looking like) but I don’t really care because it’s such an amazing opportunity!!




  1. April 11, 2012 / 8:30 pm

    You look gorgeous! you will love the races it’s such a good day. Pick up a racing post or racing plus from a newsagents in the morning, it’s cheaper than the race cards they sell there with the horses in.
    We go chester a lot and my fella has been into horses since he was little so we love it!!

  2. April 12, 2012 / 10:18 am

    Love the outfit, you look great!
    Have a fantastic time at the races, I am so jealous!

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