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I’m sure some of you will know my next poster, Michelle from Locked Out. I’ve been inspired by her outfits more than once and I’m super excited that we might be meeting up in Oregon this summer =D
Hello! My name’s Michelle and I’m so flattered to be posting on Sian’s blog! I’ve been reading Sian’s blog for ages and she’s becoming one of my best blogging friends – she’s always sweet and funny, and her outfits are amazing!
My blog is called Locked Out and I just wanted to tell you all a bit about myself and my blog!
Right now, I live in a rural logging town in western Oregon. I’ve lived here my whole life and I can’t imagine living anywhere else! I got my degree in Idaho, where I met my fiancé, Danny, a man who is as dapper as he is funny. He just recently moved here to Oregon and I’m so glad he did – nothing beats having a photographer! I work at a car dealership as a social media and network administrator, which is so much fun. I intended to become a fashion editor, but instead, fell into social media work… and who would have guessed I would work at a car dealership!?
Locked Out is primarily a personal style blog. I’ve always loved to shop, but I never really had much of a voice until about a year ago, when I really branched out. I have strong opinions when it comes to fashion, but mainly, I love the idea that through fashion, we can all create art everyday. As a writer, I have a creative urge that my full-time job in social media doesn’t always fulfill! I’m also a freelance photographer and a part-time baker (my coworkers love when I bring in my new recipes!), so my blog features lots of photography and occasional recipe posts.
I really hope you’ll all check out my blog! If you do, please leave me a comment with a link to your own blog, if you have one. I love following new blogs and making new friends, especially on Twitter, so please feel free to send me a message there as well.
Thank you so much to Sian for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself! I can’t wait to talk more with all of you.
xo Michelle


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