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This is a post of two parts today – firstly the end of my day out in Newcastle with Chamilia, and secondly, my leaving Newcastle. The day out included a tour of the centre of Newcastle, and so I thought as well take the opportunity of being a tourist in my own city and get some final pictures of Newcastle taken. I had planned to do this in better weather, but never got the chance after the weather turned again at the end of my exams. But I still managed to get a few pictures =) Above there’s me and Tor – my outfit for the day actually consisted of everything Primark (eek!) plus New Look brogues. I had planned to wear my coral peep toes (from Primark too!), but the weather disagreed!! I’m loving these new Primark floral jeans though and will definitely be doing an outfit post with them soon! The picture below that is of all the bloggers and the lovely people from Chamilia. Then we have the VIP bracelet from Chamilia we received in our Goody Bags, and finally the NCL Fashion Week logo.
And above are some views from around Newcastle: Grey’s Monument, Grainger Market (with its Jubilee bunting up!) and an original M&S in Grainger Market, the beautiful Central Arcade near Monument, and finally the view down Grey Street with the Theatre Royal on the left hand side. It’s such a shame it wasn’t a nice day because in nice weather Newcastle can look beautiful – there are some lovely buildings there, it’s just a case of looking up while you’re walking around there. In fact Grey Street has been named the finest street in Britain! I wish cars weren’t allowed to drive and park on it though because it would look so much nicer without all the vehicles and signs ruining the bottom of the picture!
And some final images from around our flat: all our spices!! We counted them up and we have over 40 in total!! We said to ourselves that we would throw out any we don’t use and take the rest home for summer, we ended up throwing out one!! Next, my calendar for the last 6 weeks: you already know my super busy schedule, but this was a constant reminder to me of how much (little!) time I had to have everything done by, highlighted are assignments and exams, and not noted on there is the funeral for which I had to spend 4 days at home. But you can also see my final day: FINISHED!! Then is our final meal in the flat: steak, chips, onion rings and curly kale. We had all our kitchen stuff packed up and minimal food in the house, so decided to get an M&S Dine In for £10 meal – it also included a bottle of wine and a Millionaires Shortbread dessert (which was amazing!), meaning it was a lot easier to cook! And I got my mum to take this final photo of me in my flat on the day we moved out – this was when everything was gone and we were just about to leave – I had to have a final picture with the view out the window that I’ll miss more than anything in Newcastle.
Ben and I spent all day on Friday packing up and cleaning, and Saturday morning finishing up, then my mum and dad came up with a van at lunch time to pack everything up – we only just got everything in! I’m not exactly the normal student because I’ve lived with my boyfriend for 2 years, meaning that we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff, including a sofa that we saved up for, a looot of kitchen gadgety stuff (we both love cooking), a few computers and laptops (Ben does IT stuff) and a television screen, on top of all my clothes and all sorts of other random things! It was hard work, but we got everything in, then had to unload it into Ben’s parents’ other house not far from home that’s unused at the moment (his great aunt was living there up until recently and his parents will be moving maybe there soon, maybe selling it and moving elsewhere). So pretty much all our stuff is there right now, making it very confusing when I need something, but all my clothes and important things are now unpacked at home! The only problem is, my dress rail space has been taken over and I can’t fit them all on, meaning I have to buy a new rail, half my dresses are currently laying on the floor!



  1. June 3, 2012 / 8:49 pm

    ooh Newcastle looks like a lovely city! I’d love to visit it someday, in fact I’d love to do a roadtrip around the UK and visit everything! Haha would be so cool 😀
    So strange to leave the place you lived for two years, I would be totally emotional! I almost had to cry when leaving my student room I stayed in for one year and I didn’t even like it there 😀
    Anyway, love those trousers! Sounds like you had a lovely time 🙂
    sorry for my (again) long comment 😀 xx

  2. June 4, 2012 / 3:03 pm

    You must of been so emotional moving out! Are you still living with Ben at home?

  3. June 16, 2012 / 7:13 pm

    I wanna go there!

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