St Albans

Sorry for my disappearance this weekend! I did have a scheduled post over at Charlotte’s blog who has just moved to America for the summer, but it didn’t go as planned, but don’t worry, it’ll be up soon and I’ll let you know then =) 
Well, I’ve been down in London (well, near enough London!) for the weekend! It was a friend from school’s 21st, but unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the birthday boy, I didn’t get many pictures at all because of the lighting in the marquee not really agreeing with my camera! But it was amazing to see a lot of old friends, including Charley and Frankie (who I’m sure many of you will know from my blog, they’re the ones we go to the Peak District with every so often, last post with them was Charley’s surprise Disney 21st), Lizzi (who moved away from our area and I posted about it here – it means it’s very difficult to see her, she’s at uni in Truro, so check out the distance between us at our respective unis here), Klem, Sara, Alice and a lot of boys from school I haven’t seen for 3 years!! (You can see a few of these people mentioned at a New Years party a year and a half ago here). It was so lovely to get to spend some time with them, despite the 250 mile drive there on the Saturday and 250 miles drive back on the Sunday!! 
We stopped at Meadow Hall shopping centre in Sheffield on the way down, and Hardwick Hall on the way back, so it was nice to break up the journey a little. I’ll post very soon about Hardwick Hall because it was so pretty, despite being absolutely exhausted!! We had some problems with sleeping: there were around 50 people in the house, but I won’t go into detail about it!! But we ended up not sleeping till around 5am and I woke up about 7am, really hot and couldn’t go back to sleep!! I was so glad when Lizzi found me at just before 8am and we got to spend some time chatting together in the kitchen until everyone else woke up; I hadn’t had much of a chance to talk properly to her during the night, so it was really lovely to have that time in the morning!
Unfortunately I got no pictures of my outfit, but I may rewear it sometime to photograph it – it consisted of my navy Zara cardigan with a neonish pink lace dress from H&M and neon lime green heeled sandals from H&M.
Also I have some good news! My sister just completed her Foundation Year in Art and received her results today: she got a Distinction in everything, including her essay! We’re so proud of her!! She did a Diploma in Art the two years before and got a Distinction in that too, so we’re sooo super proud of her!! If anyone’s wondering, she did my header =D


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