Dandelion Clocks: The Film

That title sounds like some sort of movie premiere or something, doesn’t it? You can just imagine a booming voice: ‘Dandelion Clocks: The Film, coming soon to a cinema near you.’ Anyone else remember that line from the old Disney videos? Before the actual film started and it would show you some previews of upcoming films, then you’d get: ‘Coming soon to a cinema near you.’ And that’s videos by the way, not DVDs. We have hundreds of Disney videos upstairs that we’re terrified to watch now in case of wearing them out, that’s why my sister’s started on a collection of Disney DVDs, but we’ll always have the videos too.
So anyway, my point is that Ben and I created a short film on the same day we did these outfit photos, so I’ve mixed it up a bit, added some pretty music (from the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack by the way, I love it), and here it is for you to enjoy =) I think Youtube somehow managed to widescreen-ize my video and destroy the quality, so sorry about that, but you get the picture. Hope you like it!



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  1. August 28, 2012 / 3:59 am

    Very pretty, dreamy video!


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