Ewert and the Two Dragons- In the End There’s Only Love

Hi, all you lovely Rebel Angel readers. I’m Piia from Bowtie Diary (link to bowtiediary.blogspot.com) and I’ll be replacing Sian today. When she did a post on my blog, she wore her floral jeans. So I decided to strike back and chose a floral top for my post. I paired it with a thrifted blazer, which fits me perfectly and is the exact same colour as the top. Sometimes I get really lucky, when thrift-shopping. The black skinny jeans are my absolute go-to item and I probably wear them too much. This whole type of outfit always seems to work for me. Jeans, flats, top and blazer and I’m good to go. By the way, the song posted is by one of my favourite bands called Ewert and the Two Dragons. Most of their songs are so playful and fun and give me an instant happiness boost. If you’re in the search for some cool new music to listen to, then look no further. You can listen to their whole album here. I haven’t yet met anyone who didn’t like their music. Hope you like them too! This was my little introduction to my style. Be sure to hop over to my blog and say hi! And now come all the pictures !
top- h&m
blazer- thrifted
jeans- vero moda
flats- elite c/o sarenza.eu


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