Leeds Blogger Meet Up 2012 – The Outfit

So, obviously, this is the outfit I wore to the Leeds Blogger Meet Up! It was a much nicer day than a lot of days we’ve been having recently (so it was a shame to be inside really!), but it meant that I could get away with wearing something without tights, with peep toes and only a denim jacket. I was originally planning to wear my now infamous Jones + Jones dress, but I decided in the end that it was too flouncy and fairy like for the occasion, so went for this H&M dress that I hadn’t had an occasion to wear yet. I bought it about a month ago in York when there were loads of sales on, for only £5!! I originally saw it in H&M for £24.99 waaaay back when I was still up in Newcastle, but didn’t know if I would ever wear it, so left it behind. I loved it so much though that I even took Ben back to see it, just so that he might be able to tell me that I didn’t really need it, which he did =( But then I spotted it in the sale at H&M, in my size, and for only £10, then got to the counter to find out it was down to £5! Awesomeness. It’s strapless which is a little annoying because I tend to find myself hoisting strapless things up just in case, even if they’re not falling down. But I love the narrow pleated skirt and the blue floral pattern, you know I can’t help myself around floral dresses!!
Denim Jacket: Matalan
Dress: H&M (sale)
Flatform Wedges: New Look
I also curled my hair for the event. It’s something I’ve been trying to do a lot recently, and by a lot I mean whenever I go out somewhere special, because it takes well over an hour to do! I forgot to mention in this post that I’d curled my hair! See, the problem is I have a lot of hair, and it’s very thick. It doesn’t look it, but I always get this note of surprise from hairdressers: ‘You have sooo much hair!’. It means it takes forever to dry (5 hours without a hair dryer, 30 minutes with a hair dryer = achy arms!), forever to style and curls do not like to stay in it! When we were getting ready for Karen’s wedding, everyone else’s hair took about 30 minutes to do, mine took about an hour and a half! Whenever I curl it, it ends up straighter than before. And the night I just linked to, it was more like wavy by the end of the evening. I’ve rag curled my hair in the past because that sticks around for longer, but I don’t get the gentle wavy curliness or the shininess with that. But this time I was determined, and I started curling smaller sections, holding the curler in for longer and hair spraying each curl immediately after I took the curler out (I do this anyway!) and the curls lasted!! In fact, when I didn’t brush my hair, they were still (sort of) there the next day!! It took forever to do, but I was impressed. I’ve asked for an Enrapture Encode Totem Styler for my birthday because apparently they’re amazing, so let’s see =) I’ve also considered trying out heated rollers, so if anyone’s had any experience with them (or is just awesome at hair), let me know your opinions on my situation, because I love having curly hair!!
Also, this is a scheduled post, but I’m gonna talk about what I’m doing today (the day before we leave for holiday). I have to go back up to Durham (where my school is) to fill in another CRB form (I’ve already had to do one for the GTP course I’m doing), so I’ve managed to persuade Ben to take an afternoon off work (well I’m not going to see him for 3 weeks after this!) and come with me (wow, I just realised I love using brackets!). So we’re planning to head up to the school, fill in my forms, then go for a wander round the town because we want some antique perfume bottles for our new house, I want a basket to carry my exercise books in (I am going to be the most awesome teacher!) and need red pens!! We’re going to pop out for a meal afterwards before heading home again. So I’m really excited because we haven’t really explored Durham much despite it being where I’ll be working next year! The place where we’re going to live is actually about 25 minutes away from Durham, and the same distance to where Ben works, so we’ll be half way in between, perfect! Super excited =D

PS: Just realised as I scheduled this that it’ll be my friend’s birthday today, so happy birthday Lizzi!! (I’ll probably not get to say it to you since who knows where I’ll be =D) And it’ll have been another friend’s birthday a few days before, so happy birthday Rosie!!


  1. September 7, 2012 / 4:17 pm

    You looked so cute at the event… I can’t believe the dress was only £5!! Amazing!!
    The Enrapture Totem Styler is the best thing I’ve ever used to curl my hair, if you get one, I’m sure you’ll love it xxx

  2. September 9, 2012 / 11:09 am

    Just foun your blog dear! The dress is so adorable (and cheap!!!! :D), you look pretty!!!

    Hope you’ll come to say hello to my blog 😀
    Have a nice day!!

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