Daisy Days

This is pretty much a cheat of a post, considering that I’ve already done a remix of this New Look dress…but pretend you don’t remember that! In fact a lot of you probably don’t remember anyway, so I’m sure you won’t mind. And anyway, I’ve worn it lots of times since then too =)
The outfit above is actually from Facebook, I didn’t get a chance to post it on my blog! I actually wore it with that pink Primark jacket that I wear almost constantly, but I never managed to get a picture of the whole thing.
So let’s go right back to when I first got this dress in Outfit 1: I originally bought this for New Year a couple of years ago for fancy dress as Audrey Hepburn, albeit a modern version =p Outfit 2 (above) was my (now!) Aunt’s hen night in Durham. I wore my flatforms with it, a Primark necklace and did my hair in a messy sort of beehive thing. And let’s continue on into blog territory now…
Outfit 3 is one of the first times I wore the dress out during the day – it was spring, one of the first days of the year I could go without tights and I wanted to be bright and colourful. My Greek teacher complimented me on looking so summery, so I was pretty pleased! =D
Outfit 4 is an interesting one – I wore this on the day I was snapped for Newcastle Fashion Week’s Most Stylish. I didn’t win, but I was close – it was a voting competition on Facebook, which always annoys me because it’s more of a popularity contest, why not get a proper group of fashiony people to decide on one they think is best?! But anyway, I got a few comments on people not liking the socks, but hey, I liked it, so there. I really dislike my face in though, which is annoying! It was taken from that ‘street style’ angle, the photographer was crouched down and also on a slope going down from me, so it wasn’t exactly the most flattering angle!
Outfit 5 was a really awesome day at my first proper bloggers’ event in London. I loved the yellow socks with the wedges, plus wearing the top underneath. I’d wanted it to be an autumnal outfit seeing as we were just coming into A/W, but it was far too warm for that in London, didn’t realise there was a  10 degree difference between the North and London!
Outfit 6 is a proper autumnal outfit with this dress – worn as a skirt this time, and one of my favourite ways to wear it, with the colours of autumn leaves! Jumpers with a dress or skirt are my favourite types of autumn/winter outfits so I’m looking forward to more of that this year =)
The above outfits are (obviously) from the same day, just one with a coat and one without! Again I went for the jumper and dress as a skirt look, but with slightly different colours, more wintery/Christmassy colours for heading more towards winter. I really need to find those mittens again for this year!
So from the outfits above, it makes it look like I haven’t worn this dress between January and now, but I can assure you that’s not the case – I have worn it a good few more times, but not posted about it, shock horror! 
Outfit 8 is from a post entitled ‘School Teacher’ – premonition?! Although it’s not something I’d be very comfortable wearing to school! Definitely not the heeled open toe heels with the orange tights! If the dress was a little longer I might wear it like this with boots or ballet flats, but alas, it’s not. But I did buy the skirt version of it in a charity shop recently which is a bit a longer, so I can make some sort of variant on this outfit for school with it!
And outfit 9 is the most recent one! With my new leather jacket and mocs, definitely loving this one. Basically wearing the same outfit today except with my tartan skirt.
I’m back home (home home) today for half term – my parents have gone away so I’m staying with my sister and looking after the animals with her. I broke up yesterday, although spent the day at the Doctors. You might remember I have gallstones and was having some serious problems with them over summer, well it’s been getting worse recently and forced me to miss uni on Monday because I couldn’t drive, so I decided I’d better get registered with a doctor nearer my new house. So I headed over, got registered and got myself an appointment with a nice doctor. He was really helpful, but said I need to get this seen to very soon, particularly as I’m having attacks around twice a week nowadays and he could actually feel the stone inside me, ew! He’s given me some more medication (yay…) and referred me to the hospital to arrange my operation and for blood tests. Hopefully it’ll get moving soon, but not too soon as I can’t be missing any school!
Apart from that, all is well in the world of Sian – lots of work to do over half term, but I’m hoping to see some of my friends and go out with my sister to the cinema or something =) When I go back up on Thursday we have Charley and Frankie coming to stay, so that’s really exciting! This time last year we went to Alton Towers with them, and they’re coming to us this time =D


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