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So I told you in my last post briefly about when we had our friends Charley and Frankie to stay – they previously lived separately, one in Edinburgh, the other in Warwick, and it was often difficult to get us all in one place together, but they’re both living up in Edinburgh now which makes it a bit easier to get together, considering it’s now an easier train ride! Since I was on half term, we thought it would be a good time to get together, so invited them down for a few days – they stayed with us from Thursday evening to Sunday evening, in which time we did a number of what can only be described as granny-like activities!
And as you can probably tell from this post, I also persuaded Charley into having some outfit photos taken! She told me that she has to think about what she’s going to wear when she sees me (no need to because she always looks amazing anyway!), so I decided the outfit needed documenting, particularly since she was wearing a Kermit t shirt and a pair of vintage shorts she bought that day! In fact we’re both wearing vintage pieces we’d bought that day! On the Saturday we made a quick visit up to Durham so they could see my school and have a wander round the city. We ended up doing very little shopping and spent most of our time exploring the Cathedral and drinking milkshakes. We did manage to do a little vintage shop exploring though while the boys were sorting out phone contracts (don’t ask!), and Charley picked out this dress for me – I’d picked three to try on, one of which ended up being too small anyway, then Charley brought this one back to the changing room for me to try on and it was perfect! It seems to be a vintage dress (probably only 80s though) with a collar sewn on from a different item, and the floral pattern is amazing! Also, of course I couldn’t resist wearing my mocs again, they’re just too comfortable! And I was wearing my leather jacket over the top, again! I just have to wear it when I’m not at school, I can’t help it!
I’m wearing:
Cardigan: George at ASDA
Dress: Vintage (from Durham)
Tights: Xmas present
Shoes: Minnetonka Moccasin
I don’t have all the details for Charley’s outfit here, but she has her own blog she’s just started recently, The Gorilla, The Tortoise and Me, so if you want to ask her about anything, ask over there! It’s not a fashion blog (but is mine really?!), but she is an AMAZING writer so I think you’ll all love it (plus she has a tortoise and an uber cute gorilla/puppy which feature in a great many posts!), just pop on over and say hi to her =D
Anyway, I’m sure you’re all dying to know the other things we did that weekend – welll, we picked them up on Thursday evening, then spent the night sticking pieces of paper on our heads…obviously the best game ever! Does it have a name?? You write the names of famous people on the paper and have to guess who you are…maybe Twenty Questions but we don’t do it in 20?! Never mind, so we played that and drank wine and tried to watch Jamie Oliver but were unsuccessful. We took a trip to the nearby town of Richmond on Friday where we wandered the shops (found an amazing trinket/everything shop) then baked cookies in the afternoon and went out for a meal at a nearby pub in the evening. On Saturday we went to Durham, had homemade pizza for tea, then played a new board game, Tension which I highly recommend as absolutely hilarious, but can be dangerous with competitive players (ahem, Charley!). And finally on Sunday we went to Barnard Castle to the Bowes Museum before a final game of Tension and returning Charley and Frankie to the station. Sooo, all in all, a grannyish yet awesome weekend! There are still more pictures to come including the boys’ outfits (shock horror!), so you can look forward to that…I think?!

Final note: anyone ordered anything from Thomas the Baker yet? Take a look, still 10% at the moment, and perfect for Christmas presents =D Go on, you know you want to!



  1. November 10, 2012 / 6:39 pm

    Its always nice to hang out with friends you dont get to see as much. Sounds like you guys had a lovely long weekend!! 🙂

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