Christmas Day

Chicwish embellished blouse and red velvet skirt
Chicwish embellished blouse and red velvet skirt
I’m so behind with these pictures considering they’re from Christmas day! I was planning to do some of those looking back at the year posts, but I’m just too behind – I may do some when it actually is the New Year! So anyway, this was my Christmas day outfit =) I got the blouse from Chicwish from parents, as well as another dress from there. I was thinking about wearing a dress on Christmas day, but I thought the blouse was nice and Christmassy with the sparkly collar so eventually decided on wearing that with the old Primark velvet skirt since the colour is nice and wintery. It was a horrid day weatherwise though, hence more indoor pictures! A lot of pictures from the days around Christmas are indoor because most of the outfits I wanted pictures of were worn on evenings and also the daytimes were horribly rainy! On Christmas day, we went for a family walk as we always do: our routine is that my sister and I open our stocking presents (small things like an orange, chocolate coins etc) together in my room, where we’ve had a ‘sleepover’ the night before and watched a Christmas film (this year was The Grinch!), we then open our main ‘Father Christmas’ presents with our parents and they open presents from us and each other. My dad then has to go to the bakery to move things from freezer to freezer and check around, then we usually have our Christmas dinner afterwards, but this year we did the walk first. For that I changed into jeans, but it was a very slow walk because my tummy muscles still aren’t properly recovered from my operation! After Christmas dinner, I went round to Ben’s grandparents’ house where I got more presents (!) and played with his baby cousin. And in the evening my grandparents came round.
Chicwish embellished blouse and red velvet skirt
Blouse: Chicwish (Christmas present)
Skirt: Primark
Shoe Boots: Tesco
So we had a pretty busy Christmas day this year! Driving to Ben’s grandparents’ was the first time I’d driven since my operation and it did tire me out a little bit. I drove my grandparents home that evening too, so my tummy muscles were a little bit sore the next day! They’re starting to feel a lot better now though, and the cuts are disappearing too, although the stitches still haven’t dissolved which is annoying!
And it’s New Years Eve today! Ben and I are just staying in at our house because our friends we usually spend New Year with are busy and I’m still recovering, so to go and do anything might be too much for me. We’re doing a ‘special’ meal for tea, which was supposed to have a starter of scallops which are my favourite, but we did a supermarket delivery and unfortunately they didn’t have any scallops in!! So we’re going to do onion petals instead (cheeky!) with steak and chips as a main and sorbet for dessert. Noms! Hope you’re all having a fantastic Christmas break!
Chicwish embellished blouse and red velvet skirt
Chicwish embellished blouse and red velvet skirt



  1. December 31, 2012 / 4:17 pm

    Gorgeous skirt 🙂 very festive! Hope you had a good one!
    Kaz x

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