Christmas Eve

Sequin Jones & Jones dress, blue H&M blazer
Sequin Jones & Jones dress, blue H&M blazer
This outfit is such a cheat, it’s pretty much exactly the same as the last outfit I posted except with a different jacket! To be fair, I do have a long sleeved black top under the dress too to keep me a bit warmer, but you can’t tell from these pictures. It also makes it a little less crazy so it wasn’t too over the top for our family gathering on Christmas Eve. I’ve talked about these before here and here which usually happens at my grandparents’ house or our house, but this year it was held at my aunty’s for a change. It’s basically just a gathering of my mum’s side of the family where we eat a lot of cold things such as sandwiches, quiches and pork pies and lots of nommy puddings and sit around talking. We used to do Christmas presents from my grandma that day too, but apparently we’re too old and have to wait for Christmas day now!
It was a little worrying a few weeks ago when I was given this date for my gallbladder operation, but luckily, it got changed to the 14th, so this was over a week after the operation. It’s now been two weeks and I’m almost back to normal, although still moving a little slower than usual! I did plan to blog a bit during the time I was an invalid, but as it turned out, it was too difficult for me to do much more than read and watch television because of some problems they had getting the IV in me…I mentioned it a week or so ago, but it took over 15 attempts to get the drip in, by which time the nurses were starting to panic (you could tell…), and had already tried both hands, both elbows, my feet and my wrists. The final straw was when they stuck the needle in my right wrist and I had a shooting pain all up my arm, down my finger and thumb and my hand clenched in then shot out before getting pins and needles and going numb. Turns out they hit a tendon and destroyed the nerve in my wrist. So that hasn’t been much fun. It’s starting to feel better now and I can type properly again, but if I put any pressure on my wrist (even wearing a sleeve!) my hand gets pins and needles and goes numb =/ They said it could take several weeks to get better because the nerve has to regrow. But all in the gallbladder region is good =) I have four little cuts on my tummy and six stitches, but it’s all feeling a lot better inside now =)
Sequin Jones & Jones dress, blue H&M blazer
Sequin Jones & Jones dress, blue H&M blazer
Sequin Jones & Jones dress, blue H&M blazer

Blazer: H&M
Dress: c/o Jones & Jones
Shoe Boots: Tesco

This blazer is new –  I got it when I was Christmas shopping with my sister. I’ve wanted a blue blazer for a while, and this one just appeared in front of me, so I had to get it! It’s a little bit bright, but I think it’ll be alright for school, keep their attention on me anyway! I just had to wear my Jones & Jones dress for Christmas Eve too – since I missed the Northern Bloggers Christmas Party where I’d planned to wear it, I needed another occasion, and this was too good to miss! I always have been, and always will be, the one in my family who’s overdressed, so it’s expected really! I would worry people if I turned up in flats and jeans! I’ve been wearing these boots non-stop since I bought them, they just seem to go with everything and are comfortable, although maybe not for the whole day – I wore them yesterday for a trip to IKEA and to the sales at the Metro Centre and my feet started to get a bit tired and achy, but I was on them for a long time considering I’ve not been moving much in the last couple of weeks! We bought quite a lot in IKEA for our house yesterday including spice jars, a bedside table (to be a sofa-side table) and some Christmas decorations on sale! We also ended up with an electric stove from B&Q because we have oil fired underfloor heating in our house which takes a long time to warm up and can be expensive, so this’ll help the house warm up a bit quicker when we need it. I also had my first trip to Primark in months yesterday – Ben gave me 5 minutes looking time before I had to pay and I managed to be in and out and paid within 7 minutes, record?! I only bought a couple of dresses (one in the sale) and a pencil skirt for work.
I’ll be back soon with a report on Christmas! I’ve taken outfit photos every day since Christmas Eve, I’m on a bit of a roll! So I’ve got plenty to show you, and hopefully I’ll be doing another Year in Outfits post like last year at some point in time. I’ve had a pretty busy Christmas this year and it’s still going! My aunty and her family are round this afternoon for dog walking, then we’re going to my other grandparents’ for drinks tonight where my baby (who is now 2!!) cousin will be.
Sequin Jones & Jones dress, blue H&M blazer
Sequin Jones & Jones dress, blue H&M blazer



  1. December 28, 2012 / 4:12 pm

    The dress is so cute, and I love your hair wavy! Glad to hear your recovery is going well 🙂


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