Another outfit post, finally! I did promise I’d be back this weekend didn’t I?! Despite just about freezing to death doing these photos, I still got them =D I know, it doesn’t look that cold, but I’d just hung out a full load of wet laundry and it’s currently about -2*C, so my hands had got wet and subsequently sooo cold! So I sacrificed for all of you, really I did! And I truly have to apologise for the state of my face in these photos – ridiculously pale! You would never know I was wearing foundation and blusher would you?! Just imagine what I look like without that…shudder! I believe this is a result of my ridiculous gallbladder which is seriously outdoing itself with the amount of pain it’s giving me at the moment – it now constantly hurts with a general aching in my upper back and shoulder and uncomfortable constant fullness in my upper abdomen. It means I can barely eat whole meals, and if I do I get an ‘attack’ wherein I get stabbing pains throughout my stomach and back for around 5 hours, generally between midnight and the time my alarm clock goes off, which is great fun. But anyway, this isn’t supposed to be a post of complaining, sorry!
Ok, so some photos that aren’t outfits above – the first is a picture of my rescue pack, courtesy of Blink Box consisting of a super soft blanket, a hot water bottle in a fleecy jacket, two boxes of popcorn, hot chocolate and Maltesers, oh and a free film voucher =) They are currently running #bbtotherescue on Twitter and spotted my tweet about being stuck at home because of the flooding and offered to send this to me, such a lovely surprise! 
The bottom picture was my and Ben’s afternoon snack – tea, hot chocolate and Tipsy Imps (from our bakery but not currently available on the website). We ‘re having a bit of a lazy weekend which includes a supermarket delivery, quick trip to Richmond for bread and going to get a Christmas tree tomorrow, yay! We got a fake Christmas tree from the supermarket last year but it turned out to be a black one, hardly seasonal!! So we’re going to go and get another one this year, hopefully green! We’re only up here for another couple of weeks, but we thought it would be nice =) We’re getting our one for home, which is always a huge real one next weekend.
And by the way, talking of bakery things, our bakery has won a couple of places in Mince Pie taste tests recently – MSN (4th place!) and The Independent (9th place), so we’re super excited! Fun fact, the ones being sold at the moment are very likely to have been lidded by my sister as she’s working there and that’s her main job at the moment! And you can buy a pack of 6 of those for £2 here (go on, you know you want to!).
Coat: George at ASDA
Scarf: Republic
Jumper: George at ASDA
Belt: Zara
Jeans: Topshop
Anyway, finally on to the outfit! This is my current winter coat which I bought a couple of months ago but haven’t got round to showing you yet. It was only about £18 which I thought was pretty amazing, and they had them in a range of colours, but I just couldn’t resist mustard for autumn. And the boots are new too for winter, really kindly sent to me by the people at Cloggs. These are from their own signature collection and are brand new. I was so excited when I was asked to choose from this section because I desperately needed a new pair of winter boots and was deliberating over several pairs! But I couldn’t even choose when I got offered these – tall or short? Tan or black?! I eventually decided on the Victoria, a tall black pair because they’d keep my legs warm all the way up to my knee. And when they arrived, I was so impressed – they’re so warm with the soft merino wool inside and feel really sturdy too, the sole is very thick, and the ankle is very firm so I’m not going to roll them over like cheaper ones like these do. They are a little pricey at £89.99, but definitely worth the money – I definitely would have paid that to get these. They feel like they’re going to last me a long time, through this winter and through the next few I’d say! 



  1. December 1, 2012 / 4:09 pm

    I love that coat, I have one similar but I love the peg buttons on it.
    I see your already in the christmas spirit!
    mince pies nom!

  2. December 7, 2012 / 4:30 pm

    Amazing coat, such a classic. I bet it looks amazing with a cute dress.
    Bowtie Diary

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