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New Look are currently running a Blogger Christmas Party Competition, and since I have not a lot to do at the moment, and because it’s the Christmas party season (hopefully I can get to the Northern Bloggers one tomorrow!) I thought I might as well put something together for it! The aim of the game is to put together an outfit for a certain shape, so I decided to go for mine: the Classic Hourglass. Now the website suggests body con or pencil dresses to emphasise curves as well as A line and cinched-in waists. I do love my pencil skirts and the occasional body con dress, but I feel like for a Christmas Party I’d want something more fun and flippy than tight. I searched through the Party Dress section and got a good list together of several I liked, but this one I just loved. I was planning to pick something colourful, maybe in a deep red or green, because everybody always has black dresses, but this one just jumped out at me and I had to go for it: the crochet collar and lace sleeves are perfect! I always think long sleeves are good at Christmas for covering up a little in the chilly weather, and for some reason, I just love dresses with long sleeves! The skirt looks a lovely length too, not too short, as I’m starting to find shorter lengths more and more difficult to wear. The cinched-in waist is perfect for those classics hourglass shapes, highlighting the smallest part of your body and skimming over any problem areas.
So I picked the dress, of course I went straight to shoes next. When I spotted the closed toe (very important in case of snow!) platform heels with gold edging, I decided on my colour scheme – black and gold. Added to that, the gold edge clutch, some jewellery with gold highlights and a ring with two deep purple stones to add a little colour. Then the final touch: lip foils! Now I haven’t tried these, but they look amazing, and think about it – colour that is going to last all night long, perfect! And that just added the final touch of colour in a dark Christmassy shade that I wanted. Outfit complete.
And on a final Christmas note, more Thomas the Baker fun! For those of you that don’t know, this is my family’s bakery based in Yorkshire, and we’ve just opened an online shop, so our Mince Pies have been reviewed recently by several places including the Independent where we were awarded 9th, MSN (4th place) and most recently London’s Love Food Love Drink with 1st place! You can buy a box of six of our Mince Pies for only £2 or take a look at the other seasonal items here. Nom nom nom.



  1. December 8, 2012 / 5:11 pm

    I especially love the shoes!

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