America Part 3 (Still Canda…) – Victoria, BC

Victoria - Empress hotel
I’ve finally got round to posting more pictures from America! Well, in fact in these pictures we’re still in Victoria on Vancouver Island. This was our last day in Canada until the end of the holiday, we took the ferry across to the US the next day. But we had 2 nights in this campground with a fantastic view over the water towards the city of Victoria. We had one whole day in Victoria, so we got up early, walked around the bay into Victoria and spent the day there. We wandered around the harbour, looking at all the different buildings including the Empress hotel and the Parliament buildings. We then spent a lovely long time in the museum (I love museums!!) looking at the dinosaur fossils, native American stuff, collections of clothing over the ages and even a whole town and ship recreated inside the museum! We also visited the IMAX while we were there and watched a film about Dinosaurs which I loved, but the rest of my family managed to sleep through! There was also an earthquake while we were in the IMAX!! We didn’t even feel it haha!
Victoria museum
Victoria museum - dinosaur skeleton
After we’d exhausted the museum, we wandered around some of the shops and streets, stopping for drinks in a mall. I found an amazing retro style shop, but didn’t have enough money to buy anything! I did end up buying a red blazer (you’ve seen it here) from Sirens that was only about $25 I think. I love buying clothes in the US and Canada, so much cheaper than over here and at least I know other people on the streets won’t be wearing the same thing as me! We had a look in Chinatown too while we were there, then had tea in an Irish pub, typical! Beth chose it XD It was difficult to decide what to wear that day because the weather was still pretty cool. I really wanted to wear a dress, so ended up with this short sleeved pale blue lace dress from Glamorous with my old red cardigan and tights, just to keep me a bit warmer! I actually had pink jelly shoes on with this outfit too, not exactly matching!! I ended up taking off my tights later then putting them back on again later!
Red Cardigan: New Look
Blue Lace Dress: c/o Glamorous
Victoria at night
Victoria RV park
Next time in my America posts, we’re moving into the US and Twilight country!! We landed at La Push then drove to Forks – so be prepared for Twilight craziness! It was actually pretty deserted, but we’ll get to that when we get there =D




  1. January 30, 2013 / 3:45 pm

    travels are the best
    enjoy !

  2. Heather
    October 23, 2019 / 5:59 am

    Ahh! You made it here! I had wondered when you mentioned Tofino. I live 2 blocks behind the museum! I love old town. The clothing room is pretty cool. We usually get annual passes for the museum or at least IMAX. It’s a little sad, but in the recent ish renovations of the Empress, all of the ivy is gone and the two “dinosaur trees” that lined the entrance facing the inner harbour are gone too. 🙁 I wonder if the retro store that you went to was in Fan Tan Alley near Chinatown. It’s the really narrow alley with shops in it It’s not a big Chinatown, but it’s oldest in Canada and second to San Francisco’s. Irish Times is good, which I imagine is the Irish pub you were at. Bard and Banker is a Scottish pub. It’s my favourite of the two. It used to be a bank and they kept some of the structure and made seating areas and rooms. Glad you had a good time here. I’m not from here originally, but I love it.

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