Breton Stripes and Black Hats

Red cardigan, Breton stripes top, Topshop jeans, black boots
Red cardigan, Breton stripes top, Topshop jeans, black boots
Apparently I took these photos on New Years Day…well I don’t remember! Not sure why, it wasn’t like I was hungover or anything, I’d spent the night at home with Ben eating steak and chips! I assume that Ben took these very quickly of me and I just forgot about them. This is a very casual outfit for me, although jeans are becoming more and more common in my everyday outfits, in fact I’m wearing them today again! These are my favourite Topshop jeans – I previously bought a darker pair of the Leigh jeans in a size 10, which is the size I always buy jeans in because they tend to be a little tight on my hips otherwise, but those massively stretched after like one wear, so I had to resort to buying another pair in a size 8. And they are definitely the perfect size, so just a word of warning if you’re buying Topshop jeans! 
Red cardigan, Breton stripes top, Topshop jeans, black boots
Black Bowler Hat: H&M
Striped Top: Tesco Clothing
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: c/o Cloggs
Not having such a good day again today, I won’t go into detail because I’m aaaalways talking about how rubbish and useless I am, but hopefully I’ll be feeling better soon, getting fed up of it now!
I’ve left my camera back at my parents’ house at the moment, so that’s super annoying – no pictures this week! I may steal Ben’s camera though, even though it’s a point and shoot, it’s pretty good. In fact I’d have liked to take photos of my outfit today – the jeans I’m wearing are newish, I picked them up in Tesco a few weeks ago on sale. And I have a new floral blazer (it is as awesome as it sounds!) also from Tesco that I was forced to order because Ben was ordering a few things in the online sale and we also had a voucher code. 
I also have a voucher for $50 at Modcloth, which is hugely overwhelming me!! I placed an order with them during the Cabin Fever sale but they had a problem in the system which meant my money went but my order didn’t =( I got refunded and given a $50 voucher as a gift of goodwill which is so kind, but by the time I found out, the dress I really wanted, the reason I’d made the order, was out of stock. So now I need to pick something for $50, but most sale items are gone and I don’t feel a lot of the items are worth the money I’d have to pay for shipping over here too, hence why I only buy from them in sales. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll give in and just buy something soon. Any suggestions of anything you think I’d like from there for around $50 would be welcome =D
Red cardigan, Breton stripes top, Topshop jeans, black boots
Red cardigan, Breton stripes top, Topshop jeans, black boots




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