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Chiara dress, Cloggs boots
Chiara dress, Cloggs boots
It’s been another long gap between posts, hasn’t it?! I did mean to schedule some posts looking back over the year in outfits, in fact I have all the photos ready, but I just haven’t done it yet I’m afraid! Well, I’m back at school now – I had a full week, including Monday which is usually my uni day, there last week which was super busy because I had to arrange extra lessons for some of my Sixth Form because I’d been off ill at the end of term. I ended up teaching 5 extra hours as well as a lot of arranging and planning and meetings, so I’ve had a pretty tiring week and weekend! You’re probably wondering why I’m blogging now though, on a Monday afternoon; well it’s because I was only supposed to have uni this morning and have the afternoon off, but I also had the added complication of one of my stitches getting infected (ew). So I ended up grabbing the last doctors appointment today (even though I phoned at the exact time they opened, how does that happen?!) where he removed all my dissolvable stitches. The one I thought was infected is and has developed an abscess, and I’d actually had a reaction to the other ones which would have ended up like the infected one too! Gosh, me and my illnesses! It’s not awful though, just a little sore, so it won’t be keeping me away from school this time!
Chiara dress, Cloggs boots
Chiara dress, Cloggs boots
Chiara dress, Cloggs boots
Hat: H&M
Black Sequin Embellished Chiffon Dress: c/o Chiara Fashion
Top (underneath): Primark
Tights: (Birthday present last year)
Boots: c/o Cloggs
I received this dress as a lovely Christmas present from Chiara Fashion just before Christmas, but didn’t get a chance to wear it during the festive season, so I decided to pull it out again now, particularly because it’s started snowing today, and dress it down a little! It has a cut out on the chest and the back, and if I wasn’t wearing a top underneath it, it would be a little revealing on me! I’ve been wearing these boots pretty much all the time this winter when I’ve been doing something outside (which admittedly hasn’t been that often!), but they’re the first ones I grab as I go out the door. They’re so comfortable and warm, and particularly good now the snow’s come down. I’m just hoping there isn’t much more though =/ Oooh and I almost forgot about the hat – I bought this in December when shopping with my sister =) Unfortunately all my family laugh at me when I wear hats, but I like it! And I’m probably the last blogger in the world to get one like it, but ah well!
Also, I have a snow-related query that someone might be able to help me with, or maybe not because it’s pretty silly! I left our washing out overnight because it wasn’t dry yet, but unfortunately it decided to snow, so now all the clothes are covered in snow! What should I do?! Our dryer is a washer/dryer so it only dries when it’s done a wash first…maybe I should just put all the stuff on to wash again because when the snow on the clothes melts if I bring it inside, they’ll all be sopping wet! Ah well, that’s what’s going on in the land of Sian right now…along with the 22 books I have to finish marking and the lessons I have to plan, any ideas for teaching Aeneid Book 8 anyone?!
Chiara dress, Cloggs boots
Chiara dress, Cloggs boots



  1. January 15, 2013 / 7:26 pm

    Oh, the dress is adorable! As for the laudry issue.. well, winters in Estonia can get really cold and snowy and sometimes when we’ve left the laundry out with cold, it just freezes outside and becomes like.. blocks of laundry. So we usually take them inside and let them melt and dry a bit. No need for a re-wash. Hope I was helpful 🙂

  2. January 15, 2013 / 8:46 pm

    love the dress, the outfit and the location! I do love the outfit I really do, but I love the backdrop of that church! 🙂
    Hope your better soon.. Hopefully a meet up in half term if you visit ‘home’ ??


  3. Anonymous
    January 16, 2013 / 6:56 am

    A happy new year!:D
    You are incredibly beautiful and you have an especially wonderful fashionstyle:)
    Excuse my curious question but I’m interested in the simple. How tall are you and what size your need in tights? Thanks for the answer and have a nice day. Love Ina

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