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A while ago (in fact quite a long time ago now, September – in this new house post) I showed you some pictures from around my house, so I thought I might show you some updates, this one is of my bedroom in particular. When we first moved in, we had only the basics of furniture because we’d been renting a furnished flat before, so while we had our own sofa (because the ones in the rented flat were uncomfortable!) we had very little else. So we’ve been slowly building up our collection of ‘stuff’ and now have a fair few things. We bought most of our furniture (bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe etc.) from IKEA to get a good base of furniture, but our bits and pieces have come from all over. The duvet set in the picture above is one I’ve had since I started uni that my parents bought for me, we bought the Lavender Triptych pictures from Sainsburys, and the cushion which seems to match this duvet perfectly is actually a Cath Kidston one from Amara. I adore any floral designs, so this antique rose one suits me perfectly, plus it is has really pretty buttons to fasten it on the back.
Cath Kidston Rose Floral Cushion
Lavender Pictures
Cath Kidston Rose Floral Cushion
I’ve also added to my chest of drawers, which have now become a dressing table too! Ben’s sister bought me a necklace stand for Christmas, and Ben planned to buy me a mirror and a stool for Christmas. Unfortunately the mirror he ordered got cancelled, as did another one after it, so I got the stool for Christmas, and the mirror I’ve got here is a later addition from an amazing shop in Richmond that is like a rabbit warren. So as a dressing table it houses a little bowl that I bought in Turkey last year that I use to keep a small bottle of perfume in and my everyday jewellery when I take it off at night, my make bags (yes, two!) and a hairbrush.
Dressing Table
Necklace Stand
Being also used as a night stand, I also have all the obvious things like my Kindle, a notebook and pen, a touch lamp, face wipes (because I’m super lazy and just take off my make up in bed!) and various other random things that I move around. Ben’s side is far less interesting so I won’t show you that, but over there we have a wake up light which is just amazing – not sure how I ever used anything else as an alarm clock. It slowly starts lighting up around half an hour before the time set on it so you come round slowly, and the radio starts up quietly at the time set then gets louder, so no waking up with a jolt. I cannot bear to have anything else wake me up now! I am not a morning person, seriously, I can sleep for hours and will not be woken up but this actually gets me up! I won’t say it’s turned me into a morning person because that’s not true, but I’m not some kind of grumpy gremlin (alliteration!) anymore in the morning (well, most mornings!). And also on Ben’s side we’ve added new curtains to the window, just some cheap IKEA plain cream ones because we had blinds before which I just don’t like. And on the ceiling a cream lampshade on what was previously just a bare light bulb.
Turkish Bowl
Dressing Table
Hope you’ve enjoyed a little tour of my room – it’s not terribly exciting, and to be honest it’s not usually as tidy as this, I tidied up a little for the pictures! But it’s pretty, functional and comfortable, so I like it =) I may do more rooms of the house, if I manage, but they’re probably too messy and cluttered for photos, maybe the kitchen next?




  1. February 25, 2013 / 2:20 pm

    Aw I love room tour posts – I am so nosey! I love your dressing table area, I’ve never had a proper dressing table with a stool, yours looks lovely =) xx

  2. February 26, 2013 / 4:54 pm

    Always love to see other people’s interiors! And I recognise the red bowl from Turkey 😀 xxx

  3. March 23, 2013 / 9:05 am

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