Pink Peplum

Chiara Fashion pink peplum dress
Chiara Fashion pink peplum dress
Pink Peplum Dress: c/o Chiara Fashion
Studded Shoe Boots: Clothing at Tesco
Very quick post here! I only managed to get 4 photos of this dress, remember I told you about the wind?! I was a bit unsure of how this dress was going to look when I chose it because though I’ve worn peplum tops several times, I’ve never tried a peplum skirt or dress, but I thought I’d better try one out, and I’m glad I did, it’s so pretty! I was concerned when I looked in the mirror it made my hips look a little big, but looking at the photos, I don’t think it’s so bad! I love the mesh top of this dress and the sweetheart style of the neckline =)
Super busy at the moment, but there are only 30 minute left to enter the Chiara Fashion competition here, so go and do it quickly!! I still have two sets of photos to put up of the other dresses, so they’ll have to be afterwards, but go enter now, quick!!
Chiara Fashion pink peplum dress
Chiara Fashion pink peplum dress


  1. Anonymous
    February 6, 2013 / 5:24 pm

    your hips certainly dont look big, remember us humans are highly critical of ourselves.. smokin as usual…. Dicky Doo Uk x x x

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