Review: Charlotte – Parfait by Affinitas

Charlotte by Parfait Affinitas
Charlotte by Parfait Affinitas
This review is so late – I’m pretty much useless! I had all the pictures ready and just completely forgot to do it, but it’s here now. I received the Charlotte bra and high waisted brief set from Parfait by Affinitas quite a while ago now and have, of course, worn it several times, so I can review it very honestly now that I’ve worn it so much! I wasn’t expecting to receive the high waisted briefs so that was a nice surprise. As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of high waists but only have one other pair of briefs in that style (by American Apparel) plus my high waisted bikini but I’d love to have more (unfortunately it’s a style that Ben hates!). I got the bra in a size 30F which is my go-to size normally, although I’m now starting to tend more towards a 28 band. This bra starts at a 30 band which was possibly a little bit too loose on me, but on the tighter hooks it’s okay. I was really pleased with the fact that this is a moulded cup because a lot of D+ bras are soft cups, which isn’t really my thing. The 30F is good fit for me in the cup and I love the design of it with the red satin like material – it has a very vintage look and is a bit more special than an everyday bra. Having said that, it isn’t one I’d necessarily wear everyday because of the black lines on it which show through tight clothes easily. But it is super pretty (even if Ben doesn’t like it =p). I actually have pictures of me wearing this set (which I’m not planning to post!) because I was planning to enter the Curvy Kate Star in a Bra competition. Unfortunately I can’t enter because the shoot for the top 10 is while I’m away in Disney – not saying that I would get into the top 10, but you need to be available then to enter =( But anyway, I’ll be in Disney then so it doesn’t really matter!
Charlotte by Parfait Affinitas
Charlotte by Parfait Affinitas




  1. Anonymous
    March 1, 2013 / 4:47 pm

    Red and HOT x x love it, Dicky x

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