Man Style Take 2

Lottie and Ben
Last year I managed to persuade Ben to take part in my blog, and I was ridiculously surprised at how well it went down! I ended up with loads of views and comments on that post and Ben even got himself into the Chictopia style gallery with that outfit! I think he actually quite enjoyed his ‘popularity’! So since then I’ve been trying to persuade him to make himself a regular feature on my blog. Unfortunately he’s having none of that, so instead I’ve gathered a collection of random photos that show (a little bit!) of ‘man style’ on a daily basis.
Men's jeans
Men's style suit
I often feel sorry for men because I don’t think they have much of a choice with what to wear – it’s either a T-shirt, polo shirt or jumper and jeans, chinos or trousers, whereas girls have countless options! Ben’s style has changed over the time I’ve known him though. He started off wearing T-shirts from places like Topman or River Island with jeans, then moved onto polo shirts, and now tends to wear chinos too as well as jeans. He tends to shop for polo shirts and chinos at more budget shops now such as Matalan and Tesco, but still goes for his old favourite Diesel jeans, I think they’re worth spending a bit more on though (and he does get some on eBay!). The picture above at my graduation is clearly not an ‘everyday’ outfit for Ben, but thought I’d show you anyway as some men do have to wear suits on a daily basis.
Men's style jeans
Men's style
And a final couple of pictures – the one above is clearly not Ben! That’s Frankie (you’ve met him and Charley before on the blog a few times), and he made such an effort with this outfit when we saw them last October that I thought I’d better show you, he was really proud of himself! They’re both dressed up a little here because we were going out for a meal – nothing fancy, just down to the pub, but Charley and I both had our dresses on too. And Ben’s outfit is here is his sort of typical ‘dressing up but not too much’ mix of shirt and jeans. That shirt actually almost belonged to my dad – he bought the wrong size so handed it on to Ben!
And a final picture of Ben looking at me as if to say: ‘Not another picture’ (he says this a lot…):
Men's green polo



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  2. March 16, 2013 / 9:29 am

    amazing pictures!! you both look great!!

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