Reader Writer Nerd Book Review: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

I’m posting today over at Sarah’s blog, Reader Writer Nerd while she’s away on holiday! Sarah’s blog is a book blog, so is a lot more serious on the book review front than mine (take a look at my book reviews here), but I did my best, so hopefully everyone will enjoy it! Sarah and I actually met in a strange way, when she started following my blog, I popped over to see hers, realised that she was at uni with one of my best friends, that she was studying Classics (like me!) and reminded me a little bit of that friend. So I said hi, told her this, and she said: ‘Does your friend’s name begin with C and does her boyfriend’s name begin with F? Because if so I’m living with her next year!’ And yep, that was Charley…and Frankie – weird, I know!! So, pop over to her book blog and say hi, she’s lovely =)



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