What I Read This Month #3: March

March Books
I haven’t had as successful as a month of reading during March as I did in January and February. I think it’s due to the fact that I got a new job and put a lot of time and effort into that. But I still managed to nearly five books, so it’s not that bad really! I’m actually almost finished with The Hundred Year Old Man Who Jumped Out Of The Window And Disappeared. It’s a bit of a long drawn out story that takes some getting through, so I’ve been reading it alongside a couple of other books. I really need to get on and just finish it though! Anyway, onto the books I’ve finished this month then.
A Classical Primer: Ancient Knowledge for Modern Minds by Dan Crompton – 8.5/10 – I really just read this for a bit of fun because I mostly knew everything, considering I studied Latin and Greek from 11 to 21, Classics at uni and have just stopped teaching them…but it was interesting for me, and I imagine would be for those that have a bit of interest in the subject matter.

How To Teach Quantum Physics To Your Dog by Chad Orzel – 5/10 – This just appeared one day on my Kindle (Ben and I share an Amazon Kindle account but have a Kindle each), so I decided to read it. It started out interesting, explaining basic and more advanced physics theories to a fictional dog (which was quite amusing) and to the reader. I was interested for the first 30% or so, then read some parts while I was tired and not paying much attention, so when those parts were referred back to later, I was lost. I slogged through the rest. I’m sure it’s interesting to people who like physics…but I never have I’m afraid, sorry!

Flora by Gail Godwin – 9/10 – This book follows the tale of Helen, a little girl living in war-time America, who spends a summer under the not so watchful eye of her older cousin, Flora, who is due to start teaching when school starts up again while Helen’s father is doing ‘important war work’. Flora is one of the strangest characters I’ve come across because she’s so unfitting for her age and standing – very immature and naive, but thinking she is mature. There is a minor panic over an outbreak of polio, they are confined to the old, rundown house atop a hill. The book is more of a study of their relationship, and others they come into contact with, during the sleepy summer days, alongside Helen’s ten year old imaginings. I originally marked this as 4/5 on Goodreads, but have realised since I liked it more than that, since I keep finding myself thinking about them all. The ending was a bit of a surprise, but at the same time it wasn’t. I really did enjoy it, and I think it’s one I’ll read again one day.

You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney – 7.5/10 – This was a daily deal on Amazon, but unfortunately I accidentally bought it the next day when it was back up to £6…oops. Anyway, despite saying I mostly read fiction, it looks like I don’t! This was my third non-fiction this month! This is an explanation of ways in which our brains trick us everyday, backed up with case studies and explanations of how and why. I like things like this, so I did quite enjoy it. Although I did feel as though the author was often trying to be the ‘smart’ one – although I suppose this is intentional due to the subject matter! 

I’ve ordered quite a few new books just a few days ago in the Amazon Spring Kindle books sale, so I’ve got plenty to read right now! But if you have any suggestions for me, feel free to let me know! If you think you’ve read something I’ll enjoy, tell me =D I don’t know how much I’ll get through this month considering I’ll be in Disneyland Paris for a week (a week tomorrow, eeps!!).



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