Winter To Spring Transition Style

It’s that difficult time of year again…transition time. I always find it so difficult to move between autumn and winter and then winter to spring because I’ll either start wearing my layers and coat too early and boil myself, or I’ll leave the coat at home and take off the tights to find that I’m absolutely frozen. But Pippa Middleton has got the right idea for transition style here. While the outfit as a whole is a bit too dark for me (no colour!!), I’m loving the Leon Max Single Breasted Cape which is available at It would have been the perfect item for where I’ve just been…Disney (more to come about that soon!). It was that annoying ‘in between’ sort of temperature where you wanted a coat but didn’t need one. A cape would have been perfect for being able to bury myself in in the rain (and yes, there was a lot of that!) but a bit lighter than a coat. Ah well, maybe I’ll get one for the next ‘transition season’.
A quick note on me, I’ll be back soon with some exciting posts about Disney! We had the best time, except Charley was poorly =( But it was so much fun, and I can’t wait to share it all with you! I also have to get on with some outfit posts, being so slow with those at the moment, I’ve flattened my camera battery and forgotten to charge it! So I’ll be back soon =D

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