Polka Dot Nexus Case

Ideal Cases Nexus polka dot case
Ideal Cases Nexus polka dot case
Ideal Cases Nexus polka dot case
Ideal Cases Nexus polka dot case
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Personalised Polka Dot Nexus Case: c/o Ideal Cases
I was contacted recently to do a review of an iPhone case by Ideal Cases in an email that had this amazing range of Fathers Day cases plus a lookbook of some other designs, as well as an example of some of their personalised cases. At first I was like 🙁 because I don’t own an iPhone – I have a random Orange branded phone, which I can use for pretty much anything I need and has all the features of an iPhone anyway. But then I realised you can get these cases for other devices anyway, duh! My immediate thought was to get one of the ‘Given enough beer…’ cases for my dad for Fathers Day for his Kindle, but unfortunately I couldn’t get one to fit his (awkward father, you would have had a lovely present!). So I roamed around the website a bit before realising that I could make a personalised one to fit Ben’s our Nexus tablet.
It was a pretty simple process, just choosing your device and then decorating it. There were a huge number of options to choose from, from basic single colour backgrounds, to polka dot, to watercolour. And every kind of decoration you could want! I went immediately to the ‘Scrapbook’ section where I found these cute polka dot bows in all colours. I did try out my design with a bit of bunting too but felt it was too cluttered. In the end I went for this pretty girly and simple design of polka dots on polka dots. Not sure Ben approves of how it looks, but at least his tablet is protected now (especially since I have a tendency to drop things…). The case feels very sturdy and is made of canvas and leather, so has a nice smooth feel. You can also use the case to stand up the Nexus (should have got a picture of that!), which is really useful for us because we often read recipes of it. 
What do you think of my design? Too girly or not enough decoration? How would you design one?
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  1. June 14, 2013 / 3:55 pm

    Great post dear, loved the cases so much! Thank you so much for the code as well, heading to the website! Hope you have a great weekend! ^^

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

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