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Outfit of the day, OOTD, uk style blog, J Crew pink jumper, J Crew skirt, flats
Outfit of the day, OOTD, uk style blog, J Crew pink jumper, J Crew skirt, flats
And I’m back. How did you all enjoy my scheduled posts, including the Disney-fied post from Charley? Awesome, yes? So I’m straight back into outfit posting with no backlog of pictures from weeks ago for once in my life. This outfit consists of some of my brand new clothes from America, the jumper and skirt, both from J Crew. Now I’m not sure what kind of opinion you all have of J Crew – I’ve heard some people don’t like it, because of the prices maybe? But take this into account with this outfit – these pieces are both from an outlet store and were 40% off; I got a further 10% off with student discount; and with the exchange rate, these were no more expensive than things I’d pick up in places like New Look or somewhere similar. Now a word on the sizing of J Crew: weird!! Seriously. This skirt and another I bought in there are both size 0. Yep, seriously – as in the apparent equivalent of a UK size 4 (I generally wear an 8-10 for comparison). And they’re not even tight on me, in fact they could have been a little smaller. But then I tried on a pair of shorts in the same store in a US size 4 – too small. So a size 0 is too big but a 4 is too small, right…I also got a pair of jeans in Hollister in a size 5 which only just do up, so what’s going on with your sizing America?! How do you ever know what size to buy?!
Outfit of the day, OOTD, uk style blog, J Crew pink jumper, J Crew skirt, flats
Outfit of the day, OOTD, uk style blog, J Crew pink jumper, J Crew skirt, flats
Flats: Tesco Clothing
I wore this outfit to work on yesterday and definitely felt like I was channeling Clueless. I did plan to wear heels but felt it might be a bit over the top, plus I had to walk into town, so went for my trusty Tesco flats instead. 
So anyway, a word on the holiday 😀 We got back on Saturday, early morning, after a night flight (always so much fun….). But we had an amazing time 🙂 We stayed one week in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, and another week in Killington, Vermont. But we spent a lot of time travelling around so spent some time in New York state and New Hampshire too. Of course, I’m going to have posts going up from the trip – but first I need to finish the ones from my last America holiday, oops!
Ben’s actually away again at the moment, just down in London. It’s only 2 days this week and 2 next week, but it’s kind of scary being in the house by myself at night – I know, I’m a wimp! He’s due to come back at some point in the next hour or so tonight, which means I haven’t had my tea yet because I’m waiting for him – starving! So I’m going to go and start making something in the hopes he’ll be back soon.
Outfit of the day, OOTD, uk style blog, J Crew pink jumper, J Crew skirt, flats
Outfit of the day, OOTD, uk style blog, J Crew pink jumper, J Crew skirt, flats



  1. August 14, 2013 / 7:55 pm

    That skirt is gorgeous!! Never heard of J Crew myself so no opinions other than I love the skirt! 😉


  2. August 14, 2013 / 7:57 pm

    great outfit altogether! the skirt is awesome and the flats look just fine! very cute!

  3. August 14, 2013 / 8:27 pm

    Re: sizing, we don’t! The sizes in the US are all different — some shops are notorious for vanity sizing (J. Crew does it sometimes, and so does Old Navy — they label bigger sizes with smaller numbers to make us feel better, but it’s mostly just confusing) and some places make clothes that run so small, it doesn’t make sense! I actually can’t buy jeans at Hollister because they don’t make a size big enough to fit me (yep, I think the biggest size they carry in store is a 10 and they never fit up over my thighs). It’s all absolutely ridiculous!! Anyway, that’s my “Sizing in America is STUPID” rant haha 🙂

    You look really good Sian — I love the brightness of this outfit, it seems really different from a lot of stuff you wear, but I really, really like it. Very preppy and cute. 🙂


  4. August 16, 2013 / 3:13 pm

    That skirt is adorable! You look great!

  5. August 17, 2013 / 4:23 pm

    Sizes across stores are generally a bit skewed, but that is quite absurd! A size 0 when you’re usually 8-10, crazy! I’ve seen quite a few things from J Crew I like, I imagine they’re on a level with Reiss, rather than say Topshop, but not entirely sure. For menswear I keep liking what I see from Banana Republic, did you get chance to look at the womenswear there?

    I love the bold colours in this look, the top is great and the skirt has a really wonderful pattern on. I’d like to see it styled with heels as well as flats, that would have been great to see on the post 🙂


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