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Autumn Winter: F&F Denim Challenge

F&F coat, jeans, boots
F&F coat, jeans, boots
F&F coat, jeans, boots
Continuing on my theme of wearing outfits all from one shop, here is another outfit, all from one shop – F&F at Tesco! This time however, it is intentional – I am collaborating with them on a denim challenge to create a whole outfit for under £75 around a pair of jeans. How much do you think these jeans cost? Well, I’m going to tell you so it’s a bit of a useless question, but there you go. They were £7 when I bought them, although they’re now £10 again – I think it was a promotion. But I have just noticed there’s 20% off at the moment, so you could get them at nearly the price I did! Anyway, so these jeans were the starting point of the outfit. I was asked to try and use clothing from their new A/W collection and that was no problem for me at all since I’m currently loving everything warm, cozy and autumnal. I originally picked out a really cute woolly jumper with a fox on it to go with the jeans, but finally decided on this coat – I’m not sure if it looks tacky or not?! But I went for it because of the fur collar and the fact that I need more sensible coats! And my final choice was the boots, which were again a pretty sensible decision for me! So I ended up with a very sensible looking outfit, good for walking the dog and whatnot, and kind of different from my usual dress and heels look!
Tesco coat
Tesco coat
Ben wanted in on the post too 😀 His coat is from the same Tesco delivery, although not under the £75 limit I had for the whole outfit, we just added it on as an extra. And we kind of match now in quilted coats! My mum has one too, what a trio!!
Anyway, I’m off to my book club soon, so this is just a quick post 🙂 Hope you all have a good weekend!
All clothing: c/o Tesco Clothing
F&F coat, jeans, boots
F&F coat, jeans, boots
F&F coat, jeans, boots


  1. September 29, 2013 / 2:50 pm

    I loooooove those boots!


  2. September 29, 2013 / 4:30 pm

    Great outfit Sian! LOVE the boots! May have to source these myself. 🙂


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