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ASOS cardigan, dress, heels
ASOS cardigan, dress, heels
ASOS cardigan, dress, heels
Finally, another post! I feel like I have plenty of time for writing posts, but when it gets down to it, I’m usually busy! I’ve had quite a lot going on recently, including seeing friends, pilates classes, and of course going to Spain for a long weekend with my grandparents! More on that another time, but it was really lovely, particularly the weather – up in the high 20s and occasionally 30s every day, meaning that I managed to get a substantial tan…not on my face though – my face never tans! I’ve also been working on the Thomas the Baker blog for my dad quite a lot on evenings, which has now launched! Head over there to find a discount code for the website 🙂
Anyway, the weekend before Spain, we went out for a meal to a local pub with my parents, and this is the outfit I wore then. Yes, I was overdressed, as usual, but there you go! I didn’t realise that the whole outfit was from ASOS until I wore it either!! This dress is one of my newest purchases from there. From the page it just looks like a normal dress, yes? But no – it is WAY more amazing than that – it has buttons around the waist which attaches the skirt to the top so you can wear it as both a skirt and a top, as separates!! 3 items in one…WIN! Also, it has pockets. Seriously, amazing. I bought it, along with the black version of the cardigan I’m wearing here off ASOS recently because I was buying some birthday presents for Ben and decided to grab a few things for myself too 😀 One thing I got him was a pair of canvas shoes which I think are kind of cool, but I ended up giving them to him early because he wanted some for Spain and was about to buy a pair! So now I need to think up some more presents for him (he doesn’t read this so don’t panic!), maybe a fancy Ralph Lauren shirt for the new job he’s just got (yay!!)? Check out the menswear section here.
ASOS cardigan, dress, heels
ASOS cardigan, dress, heels
Dress: ASOS
Cardigan: ASOS
Heels: ASOS
It’s my birthday this weekend, yay!! I’ve got quite a bit of stuff planned for it too, although not the crazy kind of stuff you might be thinking! Friday night is very exciting (at least to me!) because it’s the first meeting of my book club! One of my friends suggested recently that we start a book club as we all like reading, so we did. It’s just me and three other friends (Charley, Fran and Rosie), and we’re meeting at Charley’s house for an evening of tapas, wine and discussion. Then on Saturday, Charley and I are planning to head down to Harrogate to have some beauty treatments courtesy of the Morgan Clare goody bag, before I head back home for a meal out with the family at another local pub. Then on Sunday (my birthday!), my grandparents are coming over and we’ll be having a Sunday lunch – I’ve ordered home made Yorkshire puddings especially for the occasion 😀 I haven’t asked for anything in particular for this birthday, but I normally do a big list! There isn’t anything I particularly need or want, so it’ll be a surprise to see! Usually I ask for books from my Amazon wishlist, and end up with a good 10 or so of those, but since I now spend most of my time on my Kindle, and you can’t buy Kindle books as gifts, it’s a bit pointless to buy them as real books (however much I truly love real books!!).
And back to the outfit again – this post is all over the place – I am so glad I got this ASOS cardigan and the one in black too. Cropped cardigans are perfect for the type of clothes I wear, particularly for high waisted or above the knee dress, so I’m getting loads of use out of them. And the heels are getting quite a lot of wear too recently – in fact, woops! I’ve worn them for three posts in a row!! I swear, I usually wear other shoes 😀 In fact, I’ve now had a good few days of wearing boots. I don’t normally like boots, but this season I’ve got 3 new pairs and I’m loving them. Hopefully they’ll last me for a while now!
ASOS cardigan, dress, heels
ASOS cardigan, dress, heels
ASOS cardigan, dress, heels



  1. September 26, 2013 / 9:20 pm

    This is one of the most stunning dresses I’ve ever seen. The pattern is so beautiful. I wish I could add this wonderful treasure to my dress collection.

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