Early Autumn

Snood, white jumper, tartan skirt, cut out boots
Snood, white jumper, tartan skirt, cut out boots
Snood, white jumper, tartan skirt, cut out boots
You would never know this unless I told you, but I cheated with my autumn/winter wear a little bit. I’d said I wasn’t going to wear any of my colder weather clothes until it actually was cold and until after I got back from Spain…well, these pictures are from before Spain – I cheated! But I don’t regret it because I love this outfit. I’ve had this tartan skirt since last year – I bought it off eBay and fell in love with it immediately. It has a full shape without having to wear anything underneath and is a really nice tartan design. I think it was shortened from a longer skirt too because the button holes continue into the hem! Anyway, I wore it over and over last year, and just couldn’t wait to bring it out again this year to do the same. It’s one of my favourite items of clothing! I’ve seen tartan all over this year, but have held off buying any more because I love this one so much that I think any other might disappoint! But maybe a dress…
The jumper is new from ASOS – I got it at the end of August in preparation for winter after realising that the only jumpers I own are bulky and not really appropriate for tucking into skirts. It’s a lovely soft material, but maybe a little too thin as it’s almost see through! And the boots, oh these boots! They’re new too but they have a little back story – I spotted these boots on the New Look website but held off because I knew I would be getting a voucher for New Look soon. So once the voucher had arrived, I went straight to the site to buy them, and guess what? Yep, they were gone. So I thought that maybe someone might return theirs in my size, so I waited and waited, but to no avail. So after quite a Google search, I discovered something weird….they were on the mobile site but not the normal site. So I immediately jumped on them! I couldn’t find where to put in the voucher code, but read the instructions on the help page which said to wait until the card payment page where you would put them in. Well, I pressed ‘Next’ and suddenly: ‘Your order has been confirmed’. Well great, I paid full price for the boots and still have a voucher. But it’s worth it because these boots are amazing and I’d wanted them for ages and now I’m going to wear them forever. Although they do confuse me a little when I wear them with trousers – am I supposed to wear socks or not?! It looks a little silly with them, but then again, I get cold sections on my feet without – now that’s a dilemma.
Snood, white jumper, tartan skirt, cut out boots
Snood, white jumper, tartan skirt, cut out boots
Snood: Republic (birthday present – old!)
Jumper: Warehouse via ASOS
Tartan Skirt: eBay (I want a midi one now!)
Cut Out Boots: New Look
Anyways, moving on. It was my birthday on Sunday!! I had a really lovely weekend, that started with my book club on Saturday night – as I mentioned in my last book post, we ended up talking about the book for about an hour, which we were pretty impressed with, then talking and eating for ages, before watching the film of Rebecca, then talking some more. We didn’t go to bed till 3.30am which is pretty crazy for me nowadays, and when I say nowadays, I mean all my life, because I was never really the party animal that stayed out later than 2am, okay maybe even 1am! We went back to my parents’ the next day, where I started feeling a little under the weather, and ended up not feeling so great for the whole weekend 🙁 But I still managed to have a lot of fun seeing lots of family on my birthday. And I got some really lovely presents, I should really photograph them or something – I always mean to but I forget! But they include: a gorgeous satchel with dandelion clocks and 3D butterflies on it, a FitBit, a cake stand made with vintage plates, a torch (my dad is obsessed and buys these for everyone!), plenty of books and plenty of Disney themed items including a Minnie Mouse bow cushion from my sister, a Minnie Mouse washbag from my friend, and a Sulley onesie (yep!) and a ring with the quote ‘And at last I see the light’ from another friend (that’s from Tangled by the way, and if you didn’t know that, you should probably leave this blog now – actually, please don’t, but go watch Tangled anyway!). There were plenty of other things but I haven’t got time to list everything!
Snood, white jumper, tartan skirt, cut out boots
Snood, white jumper, tartan skirt, cut out boots
Snood, white jumper, tartan skirt, cut out boots


  1. October 2, 2013 / 10:52 pm

    Beautiful skirt! And the boots are adorable. Love it <3

  2. October 3, 2013 / 12:11 pm

    Love this outfit 🙂 New Look do great boots, I got some burgundy ones a few weeks ago, and now want some tan ones.

  3. October 3, 2013 / 5:57 pm

    LOVE that skirt, wish it was easy to get hold of now haha x

  4. October 3, 2013 / 8:10 pm

    OH THOSE BOOTS. I need them ASAP!
    Sorry to hear you felt unwell but hope you had a nice birthday anyway 🙂
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

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