Primark Tartan Dress

Black biker coat, red cardigan, tartan Primark dress, Bank boots
Black biker coat, red cardigan, tartan Primark dress, Bank boots
This is something new – an outfit post on the day I wore the outfit! Go me! Anyway, there are a few new items in this post you haven’t seen before, including the tartan dress which is brand new – I bought it yesterday!
Over the weekend, Ben and I went down to the Peak District with our friends Charley and Frankie. Frankie’s family has a cottage down there that we’ve stayed in a few times before, and this time was a celebration (and a surprise!) for Charley and Ben’s birthdays. We travelled down on the Friday evening after work – it’s about a 2 and a half hour drive – then went out for a meal at a local pub. On the Saturday we had a big cooked breakfast, then spent the day in the rain at Alton Towers, before heading back for an evening in of game playing. Usually we play some sort of board game, but this time we forgot one, so we ended up doing a quiz (one of our favourites) then playing our absolute favourite game – sticking bits of paper on our foreheads with names on and trying to guess them. Seriously, we play this every time and it never gets old 😀 On Sunday we had a lie in, another cooked breakfast, then packed up to go home. On the way back we stopped at a shopping centre, Meadowhall, for a spot of shopping, where I bought this dress in Primark. I hadn’t been for months, and was really excited because the autumn winter stuff there is looking pretty good! I’d seen this dress around the internet, although in red, but decided to pick it up in green. I love tartan, but hadn’t planned on buying more than just my tartan skirt, but this won me over, as well as the red tartan trousers in Zara – oops! I also got some trainers (eep! I know!), a floral dress and some jacquard shorts in Primark. I was also on the lookout for something to wear for our work Christmas do – I know it’s not for 2 months, but I have to plan! I think I might end up hiring one from a designer hire site like Wish Want Wear or Girl Meets Dress because I doubt I will rewear something like that.
Black biker coat, red cardigan, tartan Primark dress, Bank boots
Black biker coat, red cardigan, tartan Primark dress, Bank boots
Cardigan: ASOS
Tartan Dress: Primark (unfortunately no longer available to buy at ASOS, but this and this are similar)
Heeled Boots: c/o Bank Fashion
The coat and boots are my other newish items. I received these from Bank Fashion recently but haven’t had a chance to blog about them until now. A quick note on c/o items – I don’t think I’ve been wearing that many on my blog recently and I wanted to explain a little bit about when I accept them and whatnot. I used to accept anything that I was offered, even if it was something I wasn’t really sure I liked or not. When you first start receiving items through blogging it’s all super duper exciting and you take whatever you can (or at least I did!) but that meant I ended up with quite a lot of clothes that were a little bit cheap and not exactly things I would have bought anyway. More recently though, I’ve realised I don’t need all those extra clothes anyway, and what’s the point in getting something I don’t know if I’ll wear very often? So I’ve started only accepting things that I really like or want. Onto these items in particular, I needed a good pair of boots for autumn that were sturdy, and I wanted some with a bit of a heel, and I needed a coat for autumn too that was sensible. Hence I ended up accepting two items that I really needed and wanted. I’ve also been able to try them out quite a lot, for example I wore this coat for an evening of cinema watching in the forest in the rain, and it kept me warm, and the boots have been worn several times at work and for walking into town up a hill to get my lunch, and they’ve stood up well to that as well as being comfortable. I think I’ll continue this in future, accepting items I only really want or need, that are good quality, and I’ll put them to the test with wear rather than just wearing them once or twice.
Anyway, that was a bit heavy! I was just thinking about how I’ve changed my standards with regards to my own blogging recently and thought I would write a bit about it! I hope you all had a good weekend, I definitely did! And hopefully I’ll be back a bit sooner this time with another post.
Black biker coat, red cardigan, tartan Primark dress, Bank boots
Black biker coat, red cardigan, tartan Primark dress, Bank boots


  1. October 15, 2013 / 3:06 pm

    I love that dress, I was scouring the Bristol Primark for my size at the weekend! x

  2. October 15, 2013 / 9:22 pm

    Ooh loving the dress!

  3. william
    April 5, 2017 / 2:24 pm


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