Skincerity Review

Skincerity review, uk style blog
Skincerity review, uk style blog
Skincerity review, uk style blog
A few months ago, one of the guys at work was talking to me about this stuff that his wife sells through her website, Flawless Complexions, called Skincerity. I’d seen him getting all the boxes of it delivered at work before and wondered what it was, so when he asked me to try it out for her, I was kind of interested about what it was. Skincerity is an American product that’s recently made its way across to the UK. Before trying it out for the first time, I scoured the internet for reviews of it to see what it did and how well, and found only glowing praise for it. It is said to help with pretty much any kind of skin problem. Though it’s mainly used for the face, I came across several people saying it was good for stretchmarks and scarring, so I decided to focus on using it on my gallbladder surgery scars, because that’s where I thought I might see the most difference.
All you do is roll the product on to your skin at night after your normal night time skin routine and leave it on. I’ve also used it several times on my face. It smells a little bit strange at first; some people complain about the smell, but I think it actually smells like apple and doesn’t bother me! It’s apparently acetate which is used only to dry the formula on to your face – it doesn’t penetrate the skin surface at all because it evaporates, leaving behind the product in a thin layer like a face mask, but dry. Having it all over my face all night did bother me a little bit, so I’ve only done that a couple of times and focused on particular areas instead. I also got Ben to use it a few times to see how he felt with it, and it didn’t bother him in the slightest – I think I’m just a fussy sleeper! In the morning all you need to do is rinse it off with water and cleanser. It does peel off really easily though, so I tend to do that before rinsing the remainder off.
Anyway, the results! It definitely made a difference to my scarring. My gallbladder surgery scars, while only small, are quite dark and deep because of infection I suffered in them while they were healing. They’re now definitely a lot smoother and lighter in colour. I used it for a few weeks solidly to get this result, then forgot for a while, and have started up again in the last couple of weeks. I’m going to carry on using it though to see if it gets even better. When I’ve used it on my face, I’ve noticed that the skin has felt a lot smoother in the morning and more moisturised. I tend to put moisturiser on, leave it to sink in a bit, then roll the Skincerity over the top. Apparently the mask helps to lock in the moisture, so I guess that’s why. Unfortunately, Ben also likes it a lot, so he’s been using it too and says the same, that his face feels softer and smoother in the morning.
Skincerity review, uk style blog
Skincerity review, uk style blog
Above: when the product has been applied.
Skincerity review, uk style blog
Above: when the product has had a minute to dry and I’ve started peeling it off to show the thickness of it.
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