OOTD, hat, bardot crop top, polka dot skirt, sandals
OOTD, hat, bardot crop top, polka dot skirt, sandals
OOTD, hat, bardot crop top, polka dot skirt, sandals
These photos will probably look at bit out of place now, but remember that I did go to Spain a few weeks ago! I took a couple of sets of pictures of my outfits while I was there, as well as a few bikini shots which I will share in time, simply because my bikinis are so awesome – high waisted, polka dot and lime green (not all in one though!). This outfit was for an afternoon exploring the coastline of the Costa del Sol near San Pedro. We generally spent our time in Spain sunbathing in the morning, wandering around in the afternoon, a bit more sunbathing in the late afternoon, then eating out in the lovely town of Benahavis where we were staying in the evening. This outfit was, yes as always, a little over the top! But if I can’t dress like this in the sun, where else can I?! I got this top off ASOS on a whim before we left, even though I know that I don’t get on well with off the shoulder crop tops! I have this one from Motel Rocks but unfortunately my, ahem, slightly larger than average bust fills up the majority of the crop, meaning it stops directly under the bust. And my only strapless bra is this one which, although it is fantastic (it fits and stays up!!), sits low on the rib cage, meaning that it sticks out underneath that crop top! I’ll be selling the black Motel crop top on my blog sale soon, but if you’re interested now – it’s a size small and it would be £10 🙂
Anyway, as I was saying – the white one actually fits quite nicely, surprisingly! I like that it has a sort of sweetheart neckline. The only problem is that it has a weird underlayer to stop it from being see through, but unfortunately they decided to only make it half the length of the top, meaning I get a weird line half way across my chest! I hate it when they define where your bust should be because it’s only going to fit a few people, for some it’ll be too far down, others too far up – we’re not all the same size!
OOTD, hat, bardot crop top, polka dot skirt, sandals
OOTD, hat, bardot crop top, polka dot skirt, sandals
OOTD, hat, bardot crop top, polka dot skirt, sandals
Hat: Florida shop
Sunglasses: c/o Room 31
Crop Top: ASOS (out of stock, but this is very similar)
Polka Dot Skirt: J. Crew (floral version)
Sandals: Moda in Pelle
Just allow me to point out my tan – tan! I haven’t been able to get a tan on our last couple of holidays, partly because of the lack of sun in Washington/Oregon in September, and New England in July (okay, there was some sun, but not a lot!), and partly because of the fact these were holidays with my parents, which, obviously, includes my dad who has a slight aversion (ahem, big aversion) to sitting in the sun. He gets bored and does things like weed the pool area – you think I’m joking here! Anyway, I managed to get a tan, so I was quite happy. Said tan is pretty much gone now, but it was fun while it lasted. And, of course, my face didn’t tan. My face just doesn’t tan.
Above are some pictures from our afternoon wanderings, including an elephant! Okay, so that’s not a real elephant, but I definitely tricked you, right?! My Grandma had been talking about this elephant before as being somewhere else, then all of a sudden we came across it – hi elephant! Don’t you love my sister’s top too? Because I do, but I’m not sure where it’s from, New Look maybe.
There was a bit of a commotion going on that afternoon. We first noticed there was something happening when we saw people running randomly up and down the promenade, then a man running on the beach looking worried. We then overheard some talking in Spanish from which we ascertained that either an English dog or English child was missing. It seemed more likely to be a child from the state of panic happening. Eventually police cars turned up, and we watched them drive up and down the promenade searching. We think they must have found the missing child in the end because the commotion died down, but it was quite scary for a while, especially seeing a man run past looking extremely distressed. I mean, a child could easily have got grabbed by anyone walking along the promenade or beach, or fallen into difficulty in the sea. It makes you think just how easy it is for something to happen if you just look away for a second.
OOTD, hat, bardot crop top, polka dot skirt, sandals
OOTD, hat, bardot crop top, polka dot skirt, sandals
OOTD, hat, bardot crop top, polka dot skirt, sandals

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5 responses to “Spain”

  1. Rosie W says:

    You gorgeous thing! Wish I could rock crop tops!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. Imogen says:

    Amazing skirt, I love polka dots. Adorable top and the off the shoulder design is a lovely touch.

  3. Katie Aman says:

    What a simply fun black and white look! That polka dot skirt is something any girl would want in her closet. Not to mention the fun hat was the perfect touch to this, both in beauty and I’m guessing functionality too, with you being in Spain! 🙂

  4. Lenya says:

    I love this outfit on you. So cute.
    Visiting from Passion for Fashion link-up.
    have a wonderful day

  5. Rachel says:

    So cute! I like the off-the shoulder look on you!

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