BEDN #10: Something Different

Girls Night In
(Rosie and I wishing on our birthday cake!)
BEDN day number 10 is to blog about something different. Back at the start of my blog, I used to be a bit more personal with what I was posting and not just do outfit posts and reviews. So this isn’t that different, but I’m going to write today about a night in with the girls I had a couple of months ago! I recently got some info in a survey showing that most girls now prefer a night in over a night out, nearly 70% in fact! This is for various reasons, but I’ve got to say, I definitely fall into that category now. I’d prefer to spend the time with my friends sat around chatting in our PJs rather than out on the town where it’s difficult to be heard over the music! (Wow, I sound so old!). Anyway, as some of you know, recently a few of my friends and I set up a book club, and these pictures are from our first meeting!
So we first had our meal that we’d all prepared dishes for – it was Spanish themed so we had Spanish omelette, chickpea and chorizo stew, olive bread, olives, and general tapas things. Then for pudding, Charley and Fran planned a surprise for me and Rosie and presented us with a giant cookie from Millie’s Cookies with our names and a Mickey head for me and strawberry for Rosie – yum! We also had brownies, but not till later because we were feeling rather full!
We discussed the book, ‘Rebecca’ (reviewed here), over our meal and then took pictures of ourselves – obviously! Now these pictures need a little bit of an explanation! We put the camera on to self timer to take 10 photos in a row, and we thought it would be boring for them to be all the same, so we devised a routine: Discuss, Laugh, Shock (surprise at seeing the camera taking pictures!), Pose. But we had a few issues with getting the timing right!! But here is a selection of some where we’re actually doing the Discuss, Laugh, Shock, Pose routine altogether (this took a long time to get right!).
Girls Night In
Girls Night In
Girls Night In
Girls Night In
Girls Night In
We then opened presents from each other for our various birthdays that had happened recently, and that included this Sulley onesie from Charley which of course I put on immediately! Later we watched the film version of Rebecca, with the sofas pushed together as a bed and duvets over the top of us. We’d planned to go to bed and sleep once it was over, but kind of managed to forget about that and sat up until gone 1 talking again!!
And that’s my Girls Night In – much more fun than a night out in my opinion! Particularly when you live in the middle of North Yorkshire as we do, and our night out is more than a 45 minute journey away! We’re planning to do a Disney sleepover at some point in the future, and we have another book club planned in a few weeks too that will most likely go the same way as this one 🙂
Girls Night In


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  1. November 10, 2013 / 6:09 pm

    Ahh, this looks amazing, I’m DEFINITELY one of the 70% who prefer a night in! Clubbing has never really been my scene, although I do enjoy going to a nice pub….

    Also, Charley you look beautiful and I miss you!

    Great post Sian, I’m really enjoying your BEDN series 🙂

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