BEDN #12: Your Hometown

North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
This is quite a difficult question for me, because I’ve lived in one place most of my life then moved away in the last few years with starting uni, then getting a job in one place then another. And the problem is that my ‘hometown’ is less of a town and more of a kind of small place, hence why I don’t want to share it on the internet (you know, with my paranoia of people finding me through my blog to track me down etc.). I did consider talking about Ripon, which is where I now work, but I’ve only been working there 9 months and don’t know much about it other than the few places I walk during my lunch break! So I’m going to talk about my general little area of North Yorkshire where I lived with my parents and am now back living in again after moving slowly further and further South from Newcastle to working in Durham and living in the very top corner of North Yorkshire, to being back within 15 miles of ‘home’ again.
North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
The place Ben and I live in at the moment is only a small market town, and where I lived with my parents was a little village. Both are in the middle of the country, near the North Yorkshire Moors. These pictures are all a variety of places around the North York Moors, fields around my house where we walk the dog, and in the woods up at Keldy where I’m going to stay in a cabin with my friends in a few weeks – exciting!! Oh, and a random picture I came across of Clifford’s Tower in York – that’s our nearest city, although it’s not really that near! There isn’t a lot to say as the pictures show the area well by themselves, so I’ll them speak for me 🙂
North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire - York


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5 responses to “BEDN #12: Your Hometown”

  1. claire says:

    Your pictures are very pretty. I haven’t been to Yorkshire yet – where would you recommend staying for a long weekend?
    Claire xx

  2. Louisejoyb says:

    What gorgeous photos! You look lovely in that dress too, I’ve not been to Yorkshire in a while (Lancashire gal!) but I do love it there x

    The Little Things

  3. em says:

    Those are beautiful shots. Although with Yorkshire as the backdrop they were bound to be, but maybe I am bias!

  4. Kezzie says:

    I love the North Yorkshire moors. My friends live in Goathland and I adore staying with them in their beautiful small cottage. We always have long walks. Your photos are beautiful. I too am paranoid about the internet so when I did my hometown post,I deliberately remained rather general!!! X

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