UK Lingerie Awards: What I Wore

UK lingerie awards dress
UK lingerie awards dress

I know I’ve been missing for a long time, but it’s Christmas time, so of course I have! I’ve also been waiting for something to go live for my last post, but it hasn’t yet, so I’ll let you know about that when it happens! I’ve also had a little incident that I’ll tell you about further down in the post, but for now, I’m here with an outfit!
You might remember that earlier this month, Charley and I won tickets to the Lingerie Awards in London. It was very short notice, but we managed to arrange our trains down there, accommodation and outfits all at last minute. We’d actually managed to get hold of a couple of dresses from Girl Meets Dress thinking it would be amazing to wear designer dresses for just one night, but unfortunately neither of them fit us well, so we had to pick from what we already had at home to wear. I ended up in my Jones and Jones Audrey dress complimented by my beehive hair! Part of our prize was to get vintage hairstyles at the London hairdressing boutique, Pimps and Pinups, so Charley decided to go for victory rolls and I chose a loose beehive look, although at this point, my hair had already started to drop a bit – typical!
We had an amazing night, but there’ll be more about it up soon on our lingerie blog – we’ve got a couple of reviews up on there now, and a Gentleman’s Guide to buying lingerie (although it’s probably a bit late for me to being you it now!).
UK lingerie awards dress
UK lingerie awards dress
Dress: Jones and Jones at Topshop
Necklace: Primark
Heels: New Look
Anyway, back to normal life – I’ve been pretty busy with just everything recently. We get a week and a half off from work for Christmas starting on Tuesday, so I’ve got a lot less time to fit in all my work. We tend to run everything monthly, so I have so much content, so much outreach, and so much budget to spend and to do each month, but this month has a lot less time to do the same amount in. Actually, I’ve had quite a bit of extra content to write this month, so possibly even more stuff squished into a small amount of time! Outside work, I’ve been doing a lot too, including work Christmas party, going to Manchester for the Christmas markets (the day after my Christmas party), meals for family birthdays and for Christmas, seeing friends…so much stuff!
And on top of that, as I mentioned earlier in the post, I had a little incident with some ice and my car the other day. Luckily neither of us (the car or me) got badly hurt, but it was pretty scary. The road I take to work is a typical country road – very small and windy. I was on a particularly windy part when a car came up very quickly behind me and overtook, probably going about 80mph. I was annoyed because it’s a dangerous place, so wasn’t really concentrating properly when I hit a patch of ice on a blind hill. The brakes and steering wheel just stopped working – I hit the verge with the front left of my car, spun and hit the verge on the right, then hit the verge again on the left with the back of my car. At one point I thought the car was going to flip over, but luckily we stayed upright and, amazingly, on the road. Since I was on a blind hill, I needed to get out of the way quickly, so I moved a bit further down the road to where it was safe, pulled over and phoned Ben then my mum. At first I was just very shaken up and scared. I sat there for a while talking to them and trying to stop shaking! An old farmer who was driving past really kindly stopped to check if I was okay – he said that it was a lethal bit of road that morning and he’d already seen two other cars come off. What is weird is that it was 6 degrees above freezing though, and it was actually raining. I decided it was better for me to head home rather than to work, since I was still a lot closer to home. It wasn’t until I got there that I realised my hand was swelling and my leg hurt. My hand’s gone down and seems to be okay now, but I’ve badly bruised my leg. Weirdly I don’t seem to bruise at all normally – Ben said that he’s never actually seen a bruise on me! I’ve had problems walking on it though and my knee is very wobbly, so I think it’s bruised down to the muscle or something. I think I must have whacked it on the dashboard as I hit the verge.
Anyway, story over! I think I was very lucky it wasn’t as bad as it could have been – I’m lucky something wasn’t coming over the hill at 60mph and that my car stayed actually on the road due to the high verges there. I’m just surprised that the car that overtook me didn’t hit that patch of ice though! And I’m still surprised that it actually was icy because it wasn’t that cold – it just goes to show though. I’m not going to be taking that road anymore in winter now – I’m going to be going on the bigger road that’s slightly longer but more likely to have been gritted!
UK lingerie awards dress
UK lingerie awards dress
UK lingerie awards outfit

PS: Apologies for my photos being a different size and not great quality – Flickr has decided to change the HTML code I usually use to show up as a lightbox with watermarks over it, but only on the 800px size for some reason?! So I’m having to use the smaller size right now – very annoying, but let’s hope it gets sorted out!


  1. December 24, 2013 / 5:46 pm

    Adore the outfit, and the lingerie awards sound so fun! I’ve also been enjoying following your secondary blog 🙂

  2. December 26, 2013 / 4:28 pm

    That’s really scary about your accident! Glad you’re ok though – sounds like you were very lucky. Definitely take the other road in future! Your dress look’s gorgeous btw 🙂 x

  3. December 27, 2013 / 12:35 am

    Oh wow, so glad to hear you’re okay after your accident, that’s so scary 🙁 Hope the bruise has gone down by now!

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