5 Ways to Wear Spring/Summer Trends

Something a little bit different today: a post explaining some ways to wear the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2014! Since I’m off feeling a bit poorly post-op at the moment, I decided to have a post that might help bring a bit of sunshine to the dreary winter weather at the moment. Margaret Edwards is a fashion journalist and stylist. She has a keen eye for trends and enjoys sharing her finds with fellow bloggersI’m definitely looking forward to wearing some of these things, hope you enjoy!
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We may only be in the opening weeks of 2014, but it’s never too early to look ahead to the coming spring and summer fashions—they’ll be all around us before we know it! Generally speaking, winter style tends to be a bit more stagnant year to year, but in the warmer seasons we tend to see some truly bold looks and trends taking over. So with that said, here are five tips on how to wear some of the popular styles we expect to see this coming spring and summer!
1. Stock Up On Orange
In the spring and summer of 2013, yellow was making particular waves as a colour of choice for new outfits, but as Elle notes, this season’s substitute is clearly orange. The article half-jokingly cites the popular Netflix show “Orange Is The New Black” in describing the trend and this title is actually an oddly accurate summary. Simply put, orange is looking like a go-to colour for everything from shoes and accessories to sun dresses this coming spring and summer.
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2. Bust Out The Bold Florals
There was a noteworthy sway toward graphic prints last spring and summer and this year that trend seems to be narrowing, or transitioning, to focus largely on bold, almost iridescent floral designs. Having a few floral-patterned outfits in your wardrobe is a must for the upcoming seasons and pairing the trend with the influx of orange can be fun as well!
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3. Get Ready For The Next Sunglasses
For several years running now, some of the most noteworthy trends of warm-weather seasons have been sunglasses. It’s at the point where if you consider yourself stylish, you really can’t miss out due to discomfort, unfamiliarity, or vision issues. For example, if you normally skip sunglasses because you rely on eyeglasses, you will want to read up at Acuvue on some tips for switching to contact lenses. Making the change will be well worth it when everyone’s sporting the latest trends. According to various sources, these trends look to include “mirrored” sunglasses this coming season.
4. Be A Rockstar
This is a tricky trend to narrow down into a single particular look, but the general style is absolutely out there: think ’90s rockstar fashion and you’ll get the general idea. Dark leather, metallic accessories, and a bit of pseudo-punk influence basically says it all. These factors can be mixed any which way to tap into what should be one of the most enjoyable fashions of the year.
5. Get Ready To Shine
From dark obsidian ornaments on black clothing, to shimmering silver materials and embellishments, to bejeweled accessories, there’s a clear focus on sparkle and shine for the spring and summer of 2014. In fact, this even goes back to popping in those contact lenses and sporting some mirrored sunglasses for a bit of chrome shine! Ultimately, this is a broad and fun trend to use for a bit of personal expression.
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