F&F Menswear

Jumper: F&F (navy version)
Polo Shirt: Hollister
Boots: c/o F&F
I apologise for Ben’s slightly terrified look in these photos – it tends to happen when I force him into being on the blog! To fit in with the rest of my F&F week, I thought it would be a good idea to show off some of Ben’s outfits featuring F&F, considering it’s pretty much all he wears! You should have seen him when I told him that F&F wanted to send some pieces over for him to wear – he was over the moon! Literally, all his chinos are from there, nearly all his jumpers, and now the 4 pairs of shoes he owns are too. The jumpers especially are really good quality – we notice when we wash them that they don’t go loose or bobbly as quickly as others do, plus they’re an excellent price, so we’re happy all round.
Anyway, you’ve seen Ben around my blog a few times before showing off his ‘style’ (Man Style, Man Style 2 – I am creative – and His and Hers), and he sometimes looks cooler than me 😛 But Gala Bingo have challenged bloggers to tell a dating story to get us in the mood for Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d tell you a bit about how Ben and I met more than 5 years ago (cue soppy music…or not) – it’s not terribly exciting, but you know, sometimes people in the blogosphere like to be nosy and know these things, so here you go. We actually met on a blind double date! My friend Rosie and her boyfriend, Jonny, set us up on a date with them to go bowling. It turned out afterwards that they don’t even like doing ‘coupley stuff’ like we do with Charley and Frankie, so pretty awesome of them to that for our sakes! And really there ain’t much more to the story than that – we went bowling, laughed behind Ben’s back at his awful bowling technique and he admitted to Rosie that he liked my legs, and we were both shocked by this considering I have, ahem, other assets that most people tend to notice first! Then we didn’t see each other for a couple of months – we texted and Facebooked each other a bit, then finally decided to get together like 5 days before I disappeared off to Greek Camp for 2 weeks (yes, I know!).
The first day he met my parents was kind of funny though – at this point we weren’t even together, so I took him into my house, awkwardly proclaimed: “This is my house!” (because I’m cool like that), took him across the house to the patio doors where my dad marched in with a gun over his arm – in his defence, it wasn’t what it seemed, he was just casually shooting rats at the bottom of the garden (of course!). Ben then stayed for the afternoon, several hours, and I forgot to offer him anything to drink or eat, which my mother was very disappointed about afterwards, telling me I’d have scared him off by not being a good hostess! Anyway, it can’t have gone that badly as we’re still together now, coming up to 6 years (so oooold!).
And final weird note to add to this ‘story’, our families are weirdly connected in that every one of them knows each other. Granted we do live in a pretty small rural area, but it’s kind of strange. Ben’s grandad used to work at the bakery my family owns, in fact he even drove us to the airport when I was about 8. His great aunt and uncle (who were basically like another set of grandparents to him) lived next door to my mum and her family through her childhood; my grandad and his great uncle were best friends. My mum knew his mum because she worked at our bank; my dad knew some of Ben’s uncles from the area/shooting and whatnot; my uncle used to do football with Ben’s dad…the list could go on. And yet, we didn’t know each other – strange indeed!

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