To The Ballet

Coast Tulia Dress, tights, heels
Coast Tulia Dress, tights, heels
Coast Tulia Dress, tights, heels
Sorry for the disappearance over the festive period, although I’m sure I wasn’t terribly missed! I made a sort of accidental decision to switch off from the land of the interwebs over Christmas and New Year. With my job now being office based and spending all my time on the internet writing content and looking at blogs (yep, it’s a good job), then spending my time at home writing this blog, Big Cup Little Cup and the Thomas the Baker blog, I decided to step back and spend some time in the real world. It did feel very nice not to rely on the internet all the time – I didn’t even go on Facebook or Twitter! I think the only internetting that happened for nearly 2 weeks was a couple of Instagrams from my new tablet and looking up recipes! My phone ran out of batteries on Christmas Eve, and I didn’t charge it again till yesterday, so I was pretty much totally switched off. But now I’m back at work and back into the world of the internet again, and glad to be back, although I think I’m going to have to work out a bit more of a balance for future now.
Anyway, before I left, I gave you a sneak peek of an upcoming outfit and mentioned there was something coming up with it – well, unfortunately I missed it! I’ve been working with Coast recently (at work), so we decided to collaborate on a post where I showed different ways to wear the Tulia dress (now in the sale by the way) – it went live the day before Christmas Eve and I didn’t realise! So, pop on over to the Coast blog to take a look at the different ways it can be worn.
Coast Tulia Dress, tights, heels
Coast Tulia Dress, tights, heels
Coast Tulia Dress, tights, heels
Coast Tulia Dress, tights, heels
Velvet Dress: c/o Coast
Tights: Clothing at Tesco
Heels: ASOS
I wore this outfit to go to the ballet with my sister. My parents booked tickets for my birthday and we went to see the Nutcracker as a sort of start of Christmas treat. The dress is kind of ridiculously pouffy, so was perfect for a ballerina type look. Although I did get some strange looks trying to work my way out of the rather tiny ladies’ room in the theatre – the room was pretty small and people were queuing, so I had to squeeze past, nearly knocking a small child over with the netting on the hips. The silhouette is ridiculously gorgeous though, and I love the sweetheart neckline – it has thin straps that can be attached too, but I found I liked it better on without them. Of course, I went with my trusty ASOS heels to go with it and a pair of fleece lined tights because I get chilly sometimes! I could really have done with a jacket like these over the top for the photos – I wore my burgundy leather one to the ballet but forgot to take it along for the photos!
These photos weren’t actually taken the day of the ballet though, in fact they were a few days later. Charley had scoped out the perfect photo taking location, so the morning after one of our book club sleepovers, we had a wander round a mini craft/vintage market in a nearby village, then headed over here. I ended up changing in the back of her car on the side of the road into the outfit, all in order to get the perfect pictures because it had been dark when I’d gone to the ballet! I’m definitely going to be trying to use this photo location again – it’s so pretty and only a few miles from my house!
Anyway, I have about a million pictures from over Christmas/New Year, including several outfits, one of which I cannot wait to show you – I love it so much I wore it for my work Christmas party, Christmas Eve with the family and a New Years Party with my friends. All different groups of people, so all good. But I’ll let you in on a hint – it includes a petticoat!!
Coast Tulia Dress, tights, heels
Coast Tulia Dress, tights, heels
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  1. I love this dress! I have a similar vintage BHS one, maybe told you, I’ll have to show you because it’s so princess!

    Katy x

  2. The dress is beautiful! Sounds like you found an excellent job 🙂 I know what you mean, I sit at a computer all day, so when I get home I try to switch off the screens.

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