Where to buy black and white striped dresses

Continuing in my Tesco theme this week, I’d been lusting over the F&F striped dress from my last post for weeks. I kept spotting other black and white striped dresses all over the place, but none of them quite lived up to the F&F one for me, but maybe they would for you? The F&F one is a little bit more fancy than normal day to day wear, and to be honest I’m a little scared of wearing it out anywhere considering the few hours I wore it on the day of my last post, I managed to get some sort of dirt back in the middle of one of the white stripes. So the above dresses are my original Tesco one, plus a Coast one which is basically the same dress in a similar material just with wider stripes and no V neck. I love the shape of these full skirted prom style dresses.
And below are a few other dresses that are similar with the black and white stripes but slightly more casual than the above two – they have shorter skirts, generally thinner stripes and less full skirts, more likely (I can’t say for certain though) they don’t have the lining mine does too, so would be better for day to day wear, in particular warmer weather.
Untitled #33

Glamorous Striped Mini Dress at ASOS £16 // Missguided Rosana Striped Skater Dress £14.99 // Motel Penny Babydoll £25

And a couple more that are slightly different – the Pepperberry dress has that full striped skirt like the first two, but the top half is plain to give a look of skirt and top together rather than a full on striped look. The Modcloth one combines vertical stripes with horizontal for a more confident on trend look, but still has that skater style skirt.

Untitled #34

Pepperberry Monochrome Stripe Skirt Dress £39.50 (was £79) // Modcloth Prized Panelist Dress $79.99

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  1. January 29, 2014 / 3:48 am

    Well now I need to go get a striped dress. These are too cute! I especially like the Pepperberry dress!

    Halfway Heroine

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