How To Wear A Tunic Top

outfit, tunic with leggings
uk style blogger, outfit, black heeled boots
Tunic: c/o Nomads Clothing
Leggings: George at ASDA
Boots: c/o Bank Fashion
This is probably one of the most plain outfits you’ll see on my blog! Despite the tunic top not at all being plain – it’s got the most gorgeous patterns and colours – I’m wearing old leggings and plain boots with it. I’ve had this tunic top for a while now, since I got this dress in fact, but haven’t really worn it much, mostly because I find it quite difficult to wear strangely enough. It’s not quite long enough to be a dress, but too long to throw on over jeans, so I had to give in and just wear it with my old nemesis, leggings! I used to wear them a lot back in the day when they first came back into fashion, but I think I probably overwore them, so now I’m not so fond of them on me – other people look great (as long as they’re not wearing them with a crop top!), but I find them too plain and casual for me. But they ended up being the perfect compliment to this tunic top in the end. I do really love the tunic – I pull it out of my wardrobe on a weekly basis trying to figure out ways to wear it, so I’d love some advice! I find the length to be not terribly flattering on me though, and the fact that it is a tunic and therefore not fitted at the waist is very different to what I usually wear – but this was just such a comfortable outfit for a Sunday spent buying sewing machines, food and duvet covers (how old am I?!).
british style blog, tunic top
uk fashion blogs, tunic top, leggings
Speaking of ways to wear things, we’ve been searching for (more!) new clothes for Ben again recently. I read a survey by looking into consumer shopping habits which said that 54% of British women preferred men who wore “geek” style clothing rather than chic, and I guess that’s what we’ve been looking for. Apparently it makes men look more approachable if they wear clothes that are characterised as geek. And what makes up “geek” style clothing? Apparently thick rimmed glasses is top of the list (so that’s out for Ben with his perfect vision), skinny jeans is next, then buttoned up shirts (just what we’re looking for!), slogan T shirts and braces (ahem, just bought these for him to dress up as Professor Plum at New Years!). So I guess we’ll be spending more time on the F&F website (the only place Ben’ll go for his clothes at the moment!) searching out some more of these things – although I highly doubt I’ll be getting him into skinny jeans any time soon.
Anyway, busy busy at the moment again! Charley and I have been working pretty hard on t’other blog recently – we’ve got a video on its way which we’re hoping will be awesome! I’ve also had pilates and choir this week and have started a juice detox over the last day (more to come on that soon!). I’m planning to start sewing my dress tomorrow evening too, and I have lots of reading to do too. Lots of busy, but all lots of fun busy so it’s good 🙂
outfit of the day, pink tunic top
Nomads tunic, black boots


  1. February 21, 2014 / 4:40 pm

    I think the tunic looks great on you! And if the lack of figure definition really bothers you, maybe belt it high? A nice white belt would really pop here and bring out the white hem and sleeve details in the tunic.

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